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  1. Canaculture15

    Decarbing questions

    About 21 grams of good shake, from ice cream cake. Not all dry and a job to smoke kind of shake but still kinda sticky. Decarbed the 1st time at 245F for about 35 mins (scared to cook it all up) just seemed maybe alittle too brown to me coming out? What are you guys preferred methods and Temps...
  2. N

    Thc syrup infuse

    I’m looking to make THC Syrup with flowers I have experience with making edibles but none infusing a syrup, so as much as it’s a silly question as I know THC only binds with fat and alcohol, will I be able to infuse corn syrup? I have access to vegetable glycerin which I could add in with my...
  3. G

    Has anyone tried making thc soda with infused sugar?

    I want to try making a tincture using 40% alcohol vodka and make canna sugar out of it but I'm not sure if that will work to infuse if I just mix it into a drink or if it would separate or not?
  4. C

    Hi guys and girls

    Hey everyone one I’m new and a experienced grower loving my wedding cake atm and been making some edibles what you all smoking
  5. IMG_20200829_165202.jpg


    Edible coconut oil infused choc chip cookies. Ate two feel good. Been hr . Gifted lots to neighbor s
  6. H

    Decarboxylating Cannabis & Making Cannabutter In A Pressure Cooker: Low Smell

    Hi, I'm writing this for anyone who is looking for a different way to decarb and make Cannabutter for edible recipes but worry about the smell that is UNDOUBTEDLY going to appear when you use an oven to decarb your cannabis. This is also my first time writing something like this but I feel it is...
  7. S

    Marijuana brownies dosage?

    Hi all, so I've smoke for a couple years now, and want to make edibles properly (I've done it badly before, still worked out ok though). This time however, I'm baking for a party of 12, now the group ranges from some experienced smokers like myself, and some newbies. I've seen so much...
  8. 106DC9BA-0233-42F7-8E31-23A9BB2903E6.jpeg


    In process of infusing.
  9. M

    How To - Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil - Step by Step

    Hi guys. In this short video, I demonstrate how to make cannabis infused coconut oil, simply and easily, at home. I tried to make it as short and as easy to follow as possible. This method is very easy, and anyone can master it in very little time. Let me know what you think! I am always open...
  10. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Edibles: 5 Potent Tips To Make Your Experience More Enjoyable

    Edibles. For many the word alone conjures up images of chocolate brownies and tales of awkward experiences. Self-regulating markets vary in labeling and serving size recommendations, concerned parents think they look too much like candy, and the government moves slowly on how to best regulate...
  11. Ron Strider

    In Canada, Marijuana Edible Sales Delayed Even As Interest Among Canadians Grows

    Canada continues to move forward on national legalization of marijuana, which is set to happen in July 2018. But, one product will have to wait a year beyond that date: edible marijuana. While the wait will delay what has been a profitable business in U.S. states where cannabis is legal, it's...
  12. S

    Dope dogs

    Can the dope dogs the cops use detect edible marijuana?
  13. J

    Question on auto-fems & do I need to cure?

    Hi Everyone, new to the forum. I have been reading tons of stuff but found no info on either of these topics; (should i do two threads? ) I am growing 1 quarter pounder ,1 blue cheese and 2 northern lights autos. 1st grow as it is now legal in MA. yahoo! using a combination of leds...
  14. R

    BC: Victoria's Medical Marijuana Bylaw Deflects Concerns About Edible Pot

    Seniors in Victoria support council's push to adopt a bylaw that allows edible pot products in medical marijuana dispensaries, despite health and safety concerns raised by the province's medical health officer, says Mayor Lisa Helps. Victoria's council voted in favour of preparing a medical...
  15. R

    Colorado Lawmakers Target Edible Pot In Fruit, Animal Shapes

    Pot-infused lemon drops and other marijuana edibles that resemble fruits could be coming off Colorado shelves, the latest front in a battle by lawmakers to eradicate retail pot products that could appeal to kids. A committee in the state House of Representatives advanced the bill that also...
  16. S

    Marijuana Edibles Industry: Its Challenges & Future

    Ever since pot became legalized in Colorado and the other decriminalized states, cannabis-infused edibles have had a growing presence in the marijuana marketplace. Nearly 5 million marijuana edibles were sold in Colorado in 2014 alone, and culinary connoisseurs came out with everything from...
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