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    Gummies 80mg
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    LĒVO 2 use it regularly for infused butter, oil, alcohol, milk
  3. Rexer

    Canna chocolates

    So...I thought I would post how I make my Canna Chocolates. 1st you need Canna butter, 1/4 cup for a small batch.There is a few great articles on how to make the butter on here (I use a Magic Butter machine). You're also going to need the following: -Chocolate chips -Any added flavors (skor...
  4. Mass Medicinals

    Quick & Easy Guide Sugar Cookie Edibles Recipe

    How to Make Homemade Sugar Cookie Edibles This is a quick and easy recipe for making delicious cannabis sugar cookies. The recipe includes only 8 ingredients, and also is completed in just a little over 10 simple steps. This recipe will make 48 sugar cookies, and should take 60 minutes or less...
  5. Chocolate Fudge.jpg

    Chocolate Fudge.jpg

    Homemade Chocolate Fudge Edibles.
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    10g of shake.
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    Mb2 doing her thank 35 grams bud per 500 ml oil .
  8. P

    Marijuana math question: how many mg THC?

    Hi Everyone! I’ve got a cannabis math question that I’m hoping someone can help me with. I made this recipe for cannabis chocolate fudge. I had made 2 cups of cannabis infused coconut oil using an ounce of Greasy Pink which was 27% THC, an ounce of Pink Kush - 25% THC, and an ounce of Mendo...
  9. meejay

    Moroccan Mahjoun, first attempt

    Hello everyone, I am going to try making Moroccan Mahjoun from a Hash I got yesterday. This will be my first attempt and I am so excited about it. I would say that it had been processed via traditional ways because It has a gold yellow color. I have found this recipe which I am planning to...
  10. M

    Kidney transplant and edibles, THC

    Hey there , I’m a recent kidney transplant recipient (2/13/2020) and before I received my new kidney I was a heavy marijuana smoker , I know that now I’m more vulnerable to getting a fungal infection from smoking bud so I was just wondering if edibles were a good alternative.
  11. SweetSue

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    Now for something different..... @Bucudinkydow has stumbled on the simple method of consuming ground decarbed bud. He’s been using the method for a while, but finds himself stymied over finding a way to get a consistent dose. Weighing may be an option, if a good scale is available, in which...
  12. Pinktiger777

    PinkTiger's Edibles: How I Make Canna Oil

    (This is a cross posted post with embellishments. The original appears in my current Journal, Here) The weekend before Thanksgiving , most of my neighbors, if they were in their kitchens, were making holiday treats. I was also making treats, but not for any particular holiday. I can't really...
  13. N

    Edibles with commercial can oil?

    Hi everyone. So I want to make some brownies but I'm too lazy and a really bad cook as to make the can oil myself. So I was wondering if I could bake the brownies with the cannabis oil they sell on stores (I'm in Canada). What strain do you recommend and how much should I add to a batch of...
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    All cut and bag up so eat one every am one mid afternoon min
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    Infused toffee courtesy a friend old neighbour dropped off for me
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    New molda selection was limited specially with v day aroud the corner lol
  17. SweetSue

    Instant Pot Canna Coffee Creamer: A SweetSue Picture Tutorial

    Made with sweetened condensed milk puts this off the radar for those watching sugar consumption. My apologies. The idea was to find a way to make it work, not make it work healthier. Maybe someone can find a way to adapt this recipe to accommodate those who can’t take the sugar load. My...
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    all the difference
  19. bitbob

    Major Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers Looking to Develop Marijuana Edibles

    Snack makers are the latest group seeking to partner with marijuana companies to create edible cannabis products for consumers. Deepak Anand, Vice President of Business Development at Cannabis Compliance Inc., said in a televised interview with BNN Bloomberg that his company is being approached...
  20. C

    How to make CBD & THC oil?

    Hi, After ruining most of my weed after burning it I have managed to dry my last plant and now have 3oz (90g) of dried, ground and decarboxylated bud. I want to make an oil based ticture something similar to the CBD oils you can buy online but much stronger and with THC in it too and without...
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