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  1. Bubble Gum Clone

    Bubble Gum Clone

    Clone from Serious Seeds, Bubble Gum. Edited photo.
  2. TorturedSoul

    Clicking on the Edit Button Initiates a Quick Reply, Instead

    This one is only a minor annoyance. So much (err... little?) so that I don't think I've ever mentioned it before. But it has been present through the last couple of forum software version upgrades and many incremental Firefox upgrades on my end. So I thought I'd mention it; if, for no other...
  3. K

    I know this is dumb but can someone tell me how to edit my profile?.

    Tried clicking "edit profile " and it wont work....I want to put up my non/materialistic ,never plastic profile...Thanx
  4. LoveVibez

    First Grow Yo! Indoor CFL - 2011

    :welcome:Salutations 420!:welcome: Hello everyone, long time lurker, finally got the "nutz" and ambition to start growing my own... well technically I finished with college and finally am in a place where I don't have to worry about other "ill-informed" people. I am starting out slow, but...
  5. HolySpicoli

    Editing photo category, title, description, keywords

    Can I edit my photos' categories, titles, descriptions, or keywords after they have already been downloaded and processed. I messed up on a few and being a bit OCD it is driving me nutty! LOL!! :30:
  6. HealingKronic

    How To Put A Link To Your Grow In Your Sig

    Signature Tutorial Customizing your signature is easy to do. Signatures can be used to provide links to on-site threads such as your grow journal or photo member gallery. We do not allow links to product websites (unless they are to a paid sponsor), or other online communities and forums...
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