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  1. Ron Strider

    Group Claims Marijuana Laws Unfair

    The nation's capital has made progress when it comes to cannabis, with the passing of Initiative 71, legalizing recreational marijuana use and possession. Even with the legislation, marijuana advocates contend that amendments are needed to make D.C. a "District of Cannabis." There are factors...
  2. R

    Marijuana Group DCMJ Says It's Meeting With Obama Staffers At The White House

    Just in time for 4/20, the unofficial marijuana holiday, the Washington, D.C., marijuana legalization organization DCMJ has big news: The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDPC) has invited members of the group to a meeting next Monday. "This isn't with the president but...
  3. R

    These Cannabis Activists Want To Get Arrested In Front Of The White House

    In response to the Obama administration's unwillingness to take action on reforming marijuana laws, the D.C. Cannabis Campaign (DCMJ) is planning to light up outside the White House on April 2. The event, Reschedule 420, will feature mass consumption of cannabis, which remains illegal on...