1. T

    2 questions if I may

    First ? Why are there a number of new sprouts with 1st leaves growing in the same soil of a potted mj plant?? Obviously i need to get rid but how did this happen! Second ? Whats the maximum load of light wattage a UK electrical circuit can safely take?? e.g will 2x600w bulbs be ok to run...
  2. S

    Coolsun aircooled tube light wiring

    I bought this light but have no clue on how to hook it up or what to do with the wires in the tube light itself. What do I hook up these wires to
  3. D

    400W Magnetic Ballast questions

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a 400w ballast which says "For High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamp with external superimposed ignitor" There's two slots to insert wires, one say 450v, the other 4mm². My question is, do I still need more things, or is this ballast and the reflector enough...
  4. D

    Newbie grow room setup help! Don't want a FIRE

    Hi guys I'm new to the site and growing and would greatly appreciate your help with setting up my grow room. First the room is going into the closet in the basement where my electric water heater is located. The space is roughly 4w X 7L X 7 H , but do to the location of the water heater and...
  5. A

    Very long question bout power

    So im about to start a grow op, stay with me on this. im going to be using 300 1000w HPS lamps with 300 ballasts of course this includes all the goodies that go with it. IE reflectors/bulbs. my problem however is that i have 208 amps to use. im wondering if i even have enough. and if i dont how...
  6. Lurch Farmer

    2 4oow hps on 1 circute

    HELLO, I an setting up a 5x5x7.5 flower and for ease of work 2 - iPower Grow Light - Dimmable , HPS Digital Grow Light System 400W with 19" Wing Reflector and Yoyo. .My questions are, 1. can both of these be run on one 20 outlet to 20 breaker (normal plug in US house hold, or, splice(solder...
  7. R

    Need help with electric set up for 10x12 room

    Ok I'm new at this so any advise is appreciated. Gonna start small with a 400watt for veg and 600watt for flower I will need a small a/c 5k btu, 6 in exhaust fan and a few oscillating fans, maybe a de-humidifier. I wud like to have enough power to upgrade later. My problem is I will have to run...
  8. i.play.4.keep

    First Grow Prep Questions

    Helloooo! I germinated two seeds by paper towel method and I had a few questions in regards to electrical with the size of my grow space. I'm using 6500K CFL's for vegging and i have a 250w HPS bulb i plan to use for flower. The dimensions of my grow box are: 28"x23"x10.75". It's...
  9. C

    Converting a heating thermostat to a cooling

    Hey everyone! I bought a Honeywell 'baseboard heater thermostat' so activate the fans in my grow cab. Buuut then I realized that this thermostat only engages when temperatures 'drop' below a certain point. Any creative folks out there know how to use this thermostat to work my fans? Somehow...
  10. J

    Grow room electrical

    I am a liscensed electrician and am wondering if anyone knows if it is leagel for me to install electrical for grow rooms. I want to be 100% legal in doing this and i have all of the business liscensing that is required. I may also advertise grow room hook ups. Thanks for the input all!
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