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  1. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Farm Worth A Massive £1.8M Found In Disused Pub

    A cannabis factory capable of producing a massive £1.8m of drugs every year was found at a disused pub. Police raided the property in Sandy Road, Seaforth, on Friday afternoon where they found the massive Class B haul. Officers uncovered 447 cannabis plants, along with bags of cropped...
  2. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Farm Discovered After Police Raid Tuebrook House

    A cannabis farm was busted by police after officers swooped on a house in Liverpool. Police confirmed almost 80 plants were discovered after a morning raid on a home in Tuebrook . Officers raided the home in Antrim Street at around 7.30am on Friday, September 8. Once inside the house a...
  3. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Farm Uncovered Would Have Seen Crooks Net £1.3 Million A Year

    This is a cannabis farm uncovered in Birkenhead which would have netted crooks around £1.3 million a year. In the early hours of yesterday morning police were called to Buxton Road over reports of "suspicious behavior". On their arrival at 1.45am they entered a property and found 332...
  4. Ron Strider

    UK: Inside The £2.4M Cannabis Farm Found At Flat In Walton With 602 Plants

    This is the £2.4m cannabis farm hidden in a flat in Walton. The 602 cannabis plants were spread across five rooms of the property on Walton Vale, with plants at various stages of growth and sophisticated hydroponic growing equipment. Police officers were called to the flat shortly after...
  5. H

    Help with staying low on electric usage radar

    Hey guys, so to start off i'm growing 15 plants in 7gallon pots , all inside of a 10X10 ft growing tent (100 sq ft). I'll have the plants in a section under five 300W LED lights (spaced out evenly of course). Eventually I definitely want to expand however I'm concerned with getting detected via...
  6. G

    Mars II 1200w

    Afternoon folks, Just looking to invest in an LED and struggling for decent information. Am I right in thinking that the Mars II 1200w replaces a 600w HPS pretty much and uses about as much electricity? If so... is there a great deal of point going down this route? Cheers!
  7. S

    Possible or impossible - Harness light from outside to indoors - No Electricity

    Would it be possible to harness the light of the sun indoors without using electricity? Like having some kind of magnifying glass from a window bent to refract light back into a finite area inside the house sufficient enough to grow big buds?
  8. Emilya

    Do Electrified Plants Grow Faster? Let's Find Out!

    Yep, you read that right... There has been some talk about whether or not, applying a charge to the soil will make a difference in the grow. Some have made claims of accelerated growth and even a driving away of all bugs. We are going to attempt to find out. First, I selected two identical...
  9. K

    Curbing The Marijuana Industry's Voracious Energy Appetite

    As voters go to the polls this November, at least four states will consider ballot questions on marijuana legalization. Pending proposals in Nevada, Maine and California would authorize recreational marijuana use, while Floridians will vote on whether to allow medical marijuana use...
  10. J

    I am troubleshooting an electricity problem - Help!

    Im starting preperation to set up 8000-15000 watts of hps and i dont know how to get that much electricity without setting off some red flags. im thinking generator, but im not sure wether to go propane natural gas or gasoline. i also understand that some generators can be bad for ballests and...
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