1. Harvest Haul

    Harvest Haul

    Pitt Boss OG nug carried by a Frost Giant on an Elephant
  2. D

    Normalizing cannabis in white elephant

    My company had a white elephant gift exchange and they said alcohol was an acceptable gift. I live in California, so I decided to shake things up by gifting a nice bud from my last grow. It came out to 3grams and looked really sweet in the mason jar. Being a responsible person, I printed a...
  3. N

    Elephant weed

    I was given the name "elephant man" by local First Nations people because of the quality of my medicine. >60% thc medicinal bud
  4. G

    Cannabis Sativa - Elephant - Any help?

    I got these clones from a friend of a friend called "Elephant." I can't find any useful info on them. Can anyone help? I have had them for 6 weeks, and I'm just starting to flower them. They are a very bushy beast! Thats all I know. I would post pics but I spent all my money on...
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