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  1. wearefarmers77

    Elite mixed with other nutrients?

    so i am a first time grower i am using 5 gallon buckets and also a ebb flow system will be posting pictures soon. i started veg in early janurary with clones gifted from a friend. we have been using elite nutrients and also cal mag due to purple stems , also added silica and terpinator all to...
  2. onewarmguy

    Anybody trying the G Pen Elite from Grenco?

    Hi All, I've been reading some good things about the new G Pen Elite from Grenco Science is anyone using one? This will be my first vaporizer and I'd like to get some honest feedback instead of possible marketing hype. My other choice would be an Arizer Air, but the glass makes me nervous (I...
  3. O

    Elite nutrients by Flying Skull

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried this line of nutrients and what your opinions are on it. I am 3 weeks into my flower cycle and am loving it thus far. Appreciate any and all feedback.:thankyou:
  4. H

    Virgin - First Time Grower

    OK. I might as well get thing started here. I've decided to grow for myself and have just partioned off part of one of the rooms in my house. I now have a 4.5' x 10' grow area. Presently, I have a few clones started and if I don't kill them off, will use those as my first victims...I mean...
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