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  1. S

    Dark & Light Hours And Trichome Development!

    Hey guys,, it's been a while but haven't had any real problems or news to post. Question today involves how long my "Autoflower" plants are taking to get any amber Trichomes. My last grow got into the 5th month with very little amber "trices" and the buds started drying out so I decided to...
  2. Jon

    Jon's Dedicated Fruity Pebble Cookies Grow Plus The Mystery Plant

    Hi Guys, welcome to my newest grow journal! Let's have some fun. This grow is very simple, and very pared down. Just two plants in the 5x5 and one plant in the 3x3. Here's what we're doing: In the 5x5 Strain: Fruity Pebble Cookies Lineage: Fruity Pebbles OG x Mandarin Cookies Genetics...
  3. S

    Tangerine Dream "Autos" and pH?

    Hey guys,, heres one question I never ask before. I am growing Tangerine Dream "Auto's" and have been dialing in my PH at about 6.25 since it worked well for my "Photo's" in the past, but never thought to ask if theres a better ph for an "Auto" plant? They are both in Coco-loco, soil based not...
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  5. S

    5 Month Outdoor Grow With Odd Leaf Colors!

    Hey guys,, I have my first outdoor grow since the 70's, the strain is AC/DC. I have it in a 12 gallon pot, and it has been doing well so far. It is right at 5 months old and has been flowering for about a month now. She is growing in Fox Farm Coco-Loco and I have been using nothing but water and...
  6. Jon

    Jon's Just For Fun, Experimental, Photograph Only, Sour Apple Auto, Self-Generated Bagseed, Outdoor Grow

    Ok, this will be an experiment in a few fashions. The plant in question is a Sour Apple Autoflower from Jon's Hermie Factory, originally from Humboldt Seed Co. 1. Other than this post, this will be a photographs only journal. I will post today and then once a week on Sunday afternoon I will...
  7. Jon

    Strain Review: Final Smoke Report Sour Apple Autoflower

    Hi Guys - Here's my final report and strain review on the Sour Apple Autoflower from Humboldt Seed Company. First, the skinny: Strain: Sour Apple Autoflower, original Humboldt strain, a cross of Humboldt Sour Diesel and Magic Melon Auto Type: Hybrid, 65% Sativa/35% Indica other than...
  8. Jon

    Question about pot size related to veg: several questions actually

    Hi Guys! Ok, so if anyone I tagged or anyone else sees this post who might happen to have some first hand experience with this, I have a scenario and a few questions, so I'm just tossing this out to the wind to see if I can learn something. For my next grow I am considering trying to grow just...
  9. S

    Ut Oh, Just Noticed These Specs Today, Please Help!

    Hey Guys, as of early today I just noticed these white specs on over half of my girl. My Dumb Ass hasn't been wearing my reading glasses when I moved her. She is a "Black Water" strain. To try preventing problems with our crazy humility here I have moving her in and out for her dark hours...
  10. Jon

    Jon's New Pared Down Setup Soil Grow: 3 Photo & 1 Auto With New Dedicated Auto Rig

    Hi Guys! Well, it's time to move on. As explained in previous journal, I was forced to pare down my setup, so after a day to think about it I set up the new digs all around. They will be unveiled right now as we begin my third grow (I'm counting the current Sour Apple Auto solo plant grow as...
  11. S

    Powdery Appearance On Mature Autoflower Bud Leaves!

    My little "Blueberry Autoflower" is at about 90 days old and to amazement based on what I read should have been ready to harvest a few weeks back butttttt, she still has some clear Trichomes and non are amber. Is that a strain thing maybe? My bigger concern is some white powder looking stuff...
  12. white widow69

    420's Balkan Grow: First Grow Journal Soil 600w hps Scrog 2021

    Hello fellow growers... after soo many years of watching and learning from this beautiull forum I have decided to do my own grow journal..This is my first grow journal so please be nice..:D Strains: 4 cuts from Barney`s Farm Blue Gelato 41 and 2 cuts from Dinafem Seeds old but gold OG KUSH...
  13. RetiredRN

    RetiredRN Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights 2021 First Time Grower

    Hey guys! This is my first grow and I’m 43 (gorilla glue autos) and 34 (Northern lights autos) into the grow. I’m growing in 3 gallon fabric pots using Natures living soil and supplementing with Fox farms nutrient trio. I’m using Carambolas 3400w LED and a Rohs 300w LED in a 3x3x6 tent. My...
  14. trini trees

    My First Journal

    This is my first journal. Unfortunately I have to restart my whole grow due to a family emergency I had to leave my girls unattended and they past away lol. So here is the new new ones set to flourish. 2 Hollands Hope in germination. Dropped them in water as of 10/13/20 germination 10/14/20...
  15. Antonio Bandido

    Spotting On Plants

    This is a friends grow so not me & my usual assault of questions;;;;s....but wondered if anyone knew what was happening here? Is it some sort of bug?
  16. Slayer717

    Experimenting with topping & fimming for the 1st time

    As a 1st time outdoor grower here. I wanted to see the difference for myself in topping/fimming my plants while they're in the vegetable state. In the 1st pic I topped the plant and just like all the videos we seen it stops the main stem from growing and causes two to form from the top and two...
  17. Yamamama74

    April 23 Batch & May 19th Batch

    I started 2 different batches (1st is Cream Caramel) (2nd is Strawberry Cough) I almost lost 1st batch but from all the great advice and tips given @Emilya Thank You here is how they’re doing Batch 1 a little stunted but coming around Batch 2 only 5 days old and so far so good mistakes were not...
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    Baby clones #2
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    Baby clones
  20. BooWho2

    Boo’s Perpetual Grow Journal

    Soil Grow Strain: Cinderella 99 Feminized and Pineapple Express Feminized Auto Number of plants: 4 each Grow Type: Soil Grow Stage: Pineapples are in bloom/bud and moved outside on 5/24/2020; Cinderella are in veg (for almost 100 days now) and indoor Bucket size: Cinderellas are all in 5...
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