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    Neill Franklin, LEAP executive director - public events in Hawaii

    Neill Franklin, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition will be in Hawaii next week. He is a retired police major and a 33-year police veteran who led multi-jurisdictional anti-narcotics task forces for the Maryland State Police. After seeing several of his law...
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    Another reason to vote for Ron Paul in 2012

    This video speaks for itself. Is there any reason why any of us would be voting for anyone else in 2012? just asking... YouTube - ‪Ron Paul Interview on Co Introducing Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana‬‏ P.S...help this video go viral :party:
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    Just Say Now - It's Time to End Cannabis Prohibition

    Horror stories of SWAT teams invading homes and shooting the family dog have shocked us all and are forcing us to reconsider our values and priorities concerning the Prohibition of Cannabis. This thread will be where we bring our best analysis of the problem, our best fact-finding efforts, and...
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