1. C

    100% organic White Cookies & Durban Poison Indoor - High quality pictures

    Hello here, Some picture of my babies ! Enjoy.
  2. O

    Newbie from Africa

    Hello everyone, I am 36 yrs old newbie Hope learn a lot and enjoy being around you guys. Cheers
  3. O

    Disability is not a bar to successful grows

    In fact, it may be a major motivation. Increasing disability that took me off the roads and mountains as an active competitor has given major benefits as well. Doing the best I can with what I have is the new mantra. (It was also the old mantra.) With some physical help digging and such and...
  4. A

    Mother's little helper

    I apparently can grow(green thumb), so I can grow for my ma!! :-) I'm about to start my journal's ending, and start a new chapter -asap. :thanks: for the welcome, I hope you enjoy my images and stories. disclaimer: Alaska med card and handlers card are available upon request.
  5. 1

    Hi you all

    Currently i Have a hindu kush(bagseed so Who nows what it is) female that is 11 weeks and 4 days Old now. She's flowering for 7 weeks and 4 days now due i give her 12 hours of windowsill light since sprout. I Hope i enjoy being here on this Forum and u Hope you will enjoy what i will post...
  6. Wonderland710

    Tiny toking Canadian

    Greetings! I'm just a tiny lady (4'11") who tokes and helps grow medically. I'm an advocate for cannabis legalization & the dispensary movement. I'm currently working as a Baker but within the next month or so I start work at a medical dispensary. Came here for help with my newly started garden...
  7. K

    KGIRedline - New member introduction

    Hello everyone, My name is Tommy,AKA KGIRedline. I am an automotive mechanic and beginner grower. I am a lightweight medicinal user but thoroughly enjoy the smell and look of cannabis. I'm just starting to grow but i really enjoy it. I did a successful outdoor grow last year and wished i...
  8. 420forsure

    Couple pics from my CKS photo tent you might enjoy

    White widow and purple kush
  9. B

    Introducing myself

    Hello to all: I am a long time grower who has taken a step back from growing so I could raise my kids in piece and without fear of the local law coming and taking me away. Now I am older and kids are grown. I have been enjoying reading the different threads on this web site and love...
  10. N

    Abandoned New T5ho Grow Sat or Ind? Help Looking OK?

    using 4 4ft T5HO vertical,6" inline vortex fan. Home made Stealth Box 22"x22"x5' Not sure what these are Sativa,Indica or Hybrid? Guess you guys will tell me! Thanks in advance. Been flowering on 12/12 for 4 weeks today! Started flowering sept 29 2010. happy anniversary Ladies half way...
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