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  1. L


    newb. opening a 432, flo, 8 bub. is there a difference between badboy and quantum t5? Also, bub purchase. can i get by with 4 x 6500 and then an additional 4 x 2900, or do i need an entire supply of each? yes i meant bub. tyvm. lovliness
  2. O

    Can you re-process canna butter?

    I'm growing a few Hindu Kush trees in flower and doing very well indeed. Largely due to the latitude and strain for a 1st grow in San Diego I wager. I removed a 6 ft male conspicuous by height, gangliness and ultimately early signs of its sexual equipment. As anticipated the space left is...
  3. Ripples

    Low RH and the Claw?

    This time of year the furnace is running and the air is much dry in the entire house... Having said that I have a hard time keeping my RH above 30% (I'm in veg) even with a humidifier inside the tent! Filling it twice a day just to keep things at 30%... Temps running 77-79 constantly...
  4. S

    Need help understanding lighting

    I have an 8'x7.5' room for flowering. I a plan to flower 4 large plants at a time. When I install lights in the room, do I need to have enough lights to cover the entire room, or do I only need a light over each plant? For example, Brand X says its light will cover 12 square feet...