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  1. Ron Strider

    MA: Milford Lab Tested Products For This Weekend's Cannabis Contest

    One year after it became legal for adults to possess and use marijuana in Massachusetts, cannabis aficionados will gather in Worcester this weekend to show off some of the best locally-sourced ganja and edibles, and to try to put a welcoming face on the world of weed. Part competition, part...
  2. BraicaBrick

    New England Harvest Cup 2017

    :420: December 16, 2017 Worcester, MA The Harvest Cup 2017 Plenty of vendors and growers to run into. Maybe some other 420mag friends.? All Mass events and conventions I've been to have kicked ass- lots of good people to network with. Should be an awesome competition for...
  3. K

    CA: Emerald Cup - Thousands Expected At First Post-Legalization Pot Festival

    Sonoma County is welcoming a bumper crop of visitors this weekend – coming for weed, not wine. Buoyed by California's legalization of marijuana, Santa Rosa's famed Emerald Cup harvest festival – a two-day conference, competition and weedfest – is expecting a crowd of more than 23,000...