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  1. Zafu

    Outdoor - Flowering Time - Environment, Landrace Based Or Combo

    Did some research and can't figure this one out. If we plant a seed from a part of the world that requires say, 14 weeks of flowering, but in our part of the world normal cycle for weather change allows, say, 10-12 weeks, will the lady adapt? Seems to me that while genetics are primary...
  2. MickFoster

    Bud Humidity

    I have been growing for years and I have what might be a dumb question, but I don't know the answer. If buds were hung to dry in an environment that had a constant humidity reading of 65%, could the buds get drier than the 65%?
  3. A


    These three plants are the same age (37 days old), grown up in the same environment. What can be reason of slow growth? :(
  4. LEDRF

    How to get high yields - Environment importance

  5. ZenWarrior

    Growth Stages & Environment Cheat Sheet (image)

    Germination Stage Stage Activity & Duration: Germination marks the beginning of your plant's life cycle. The duration of this stage varies by strain, however most strains require approximately 3 — 8 days to complete germination. There are three key components to this stage: moisture, warmth...
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