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  1. H

    Flood & Drain IWS - 100% Clay - Sterile or beneficial bacteria with a chiller?

    Hey guys, ive just purchased an IWS F&D 12 Pot system with the 25mm pipes and 1 minute timer and external controller. Ive ran a RDWC system with spray bars and airstones for the last 12 months sterile. Im wondering how people run these F&D systems nutrient wise. Do people go with...
  2. o2much4me

    Expensive Enzymes Alternatives Cannazyme, Hygrozyme etc

    Looking for a less expensive alternative to Cannazyme. Here are some I have found. Anyone tried any of these? UltraClear® Super Strength Treatment (SST) Gallon (100% Live bacteria) UltraClear(R) Super Strength Treatment (SST) Gallon The Pond Digger Brand Beneficial Bacteria...