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  1. Why Doe

    Where to sell equipment?

    Other then eBay are there any specific sites or fb groups that I can sell used equipment? Thanks!
  2. NACnCO

    T4 Trimmer in Denver

    I've come into possession of like new Twister T4 Trimmer and I want to sell it. What's the Best way to Sell something like this in CO? Is there a Local Supplier who Sales used equipment? or should I just use Craigslist? Or is there some other option?
  3. W

    Expanding needing equipment

    hi....new to this forum thing so bear with me please. I am in a state that has not legalized weed yet. hopefully it's getting close. What i need is where to buy equipment for indoors. i have a small hydro set up but i think i'm expanding to a tent. i recently went to grosense.com and saw their...
  4. M

    First time grower! Advice greatly appreciated - Germinating 9 seeds

    Need help on what equipment I should use.
  5. H

    Growtronix programming and debugging

    Have moderate grow and need a Growtronix Genius to figure out what is wrong with it Can. Control equipment manually on controls but policies and automatics not functioning properly.
  6. S

    New Grower In Need of Advice

    Hello all, Massachusetts just passed legalization for recreation and growing, yahoo! I plan on purchasing an Apollo 5' x 5' x 80" grow tent. I'm building a DIY RDWC system to grow 4 plants. The plan is to use LED for veg and then 1000w HPS for flower. This is my first grow ever and need some...
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