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  1. tryan2grow1

    Tryan2grow1 For The First Time

    Here we go. Climb aboard, grab a seat, buckle up for this bus is off to a new adventure. Delving into dwc with 2 5gal set ups with clay pellets in net pots. Grow tent is 2X3X5. Current lighting is a total of 292 watts including 4 23w, 6500k, 100w equiv cfls, 4 40w, 2700k, 150w equiv cfls and...
  2. MortalWombat

    Bubba Kush - CFL - Grow

    Basically I decided a couple months ago to go ahead and start growing myself due to the extreme prices in my area and horrible quality even though both possessing and growing are HIGHLY illegal where I live. Did my research and talked to the ol' lady and got the go ahead. She gave me about a...