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  1. J

    Help to buy a CFL bulb

    Hi guys, I'm new of the forum and I'm new of growing as well, I didn't start anything yet but I'd love to do it... I tough to start with some CLF bulb but I have some problem and I'm indecise which one take (I will do 1 or 2 auto-florent plant indoor in a small place 50x50x110). I saw...
  2. BikerBear

    Newbie First Grow - How Does Flowering & Budding Start?

    Hi Folks, This is my first grow, and my girls appear to be doing quite well. They were started from seed on 5th April. All look healthy, and are about 12" tall. All are in soil, in a grow tent, under LED grow lights (2x) of approx 100w light equivalent. The other 3x lights are 100w...