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  1. K

    Newbie Needs Advice

    Hello Friends. This is my first time at gardening. I'd like to know should I pull off those big leaves? What strain am I growing? I just started using Espoma Triple Phosphate, is that right to do? She is in week 3 of flowering. Thanks :)
  2. P

    Does anyone use Espoma garden lime? And is it different from dolomite lime?

    I went to home depot to buy dolomite lime and all they had was espoma garden lime Is this the same thing as dolomite lime ? And if yes do you mix the same amount of this stuff in your soil as you would dolomite lime ?
  3. Siscokid

    Espoma products

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used any products from Espoma? I have purchased and used Bio-tone Starter Microbial Plant Food Bio-tone® Starter F A C T S H E E T GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Total Nitrogen (N).................................3% 0.90%...Ammonical Nitrogen 0.90%...Nitrate...
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