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    Health Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil

    Hemp seed oil is perfectly healthy and contains only trace amounts of THC. Cannabis oil is usually made up of between five and ten percent THC, and therefore people consuming its products are likely to exhibit 'stoned' effects. It is a product that is used more for recreation. On the other...
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    Health Benefits Of Cannabis Essential Oil

    Some of the most important health benefits of cannabis oil include its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, improve the quality of sleep, boost appetite and optimize digestion, reduce pain, prevent certain cancers, strengthen heart health, and protect your skin, among others. Cannabis...
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    Essential oil & cannabis

    So my fines are getting really into essential oils and they know I grow hydroponically (other plants) and sent me a few articles concerning lavender and lemon grass essential oil. The Levander seem to be more like a all-purpose fertilizer And was mixed into soil (3 drops per plant) and the...
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    Essential oil for pest control?

    So yay my seed wasn't a dud! Yesterday we had noticed the seed move up in the gross sponge of the aero garden and today we found a little seedling sitting in the pod. Just checked too and we can see the first set of true leaves already on the already inch tall seedling! Anyway, working to...