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  1. F

    Are these spider mites bites? Need help!

    Hi, I dont know what the fuck is going on. Are these spider mite bites??? I've looked everywhere on the web and they do not seem like it. it seems to be happening to one plant only, but there are other marks like this on the other plants. I havent found any spots or any ''mites'' under the...
  2. L

    Help with correct inline fan/filter combo

    Hi all, New to all of this and I could use some help with my exhaust set up! I have a 3x3x6' tent, I'll be using a LED Dwarf Star Light. So, I'm pretty sure I want to go 6" fan/Ducting, in case I upsize tent a bit at some point, I dont mind going above what cfm's I need, and it seems most fans...
  3. beez0404

    Does anyone know of a grow journal or program you can load onto a tablet?

    I hate to admit this, but at my advanced age I find it difficult to keep up with all the daily tasks associated with tending to a small garden. Not everyone is the same age, size, in the same grow state. Some plants drink more then others requiring more frequent watering. Who dislikes nutes...
  4. SwAggNiFiCeNt

    1st time grower with some questions

    hey everyone, im brand spanking new to the growing arena. just wanted as much feedback as possible before i got going so any help would be greatly appreciated. 2x2.5x 6'11 gorilla grow tent 220W california light works solarflare full spectrum led 2 Hurricane inline fans (both 4") timers...
  5. M

    Crown Royal

    New grower, soon to be new grower that is, and I have a question. Easiest source for seeds at this time is Crop King. I've been eyeing up Crown Royal as being my first grow. I've got a small 2.2x2.2x5.2 tent and the extra goodies (LED, inline fan, etc etc.) Is this strain too tall for...
  6. S

    Digital timer for a humidifier - Advice please

    Hello guys So I have just got my self a mist maker 3 as my RH is always very low and I am now having the opposite problem. I have it set to come on for 15 mins and off for 1 hour then back on etc, but the RH goes up to 99% and then with in the hour its back down to 40%, I think my best...
  7. 4


    Hey everyone, I've never bought a grinder before so was wondering what makes a good one? Metal over plastic, magnetic etc? Also what kind of price am I looking at for a good one? Thanks for your help!
  8. H

    New here - First grow almost complete

    So, I'm new here. I am just about finished with my first grow of White Widow. 3 plants I planted 3 because I figured not all of them would make it. However, they all did, despite the mistakes that occurred along the way. Aphid infestation, note issues, etc, etc. I feel like I've dealt with...
  9. T

    Supercharging - Techniques & tips etc

    Mission-to push the boundrys with combined supercropping techniques.
  10. W

    12/12 lighting for autoflowers

    Okay I know they say 18 hours minimum but has anyone grew autoflowers at 12 and 12 lighting? What's the yeild like etc,
  11. C

    Hello there everyone! Very new here - Bear with me

    I am very new at posts, and post,ingg, etc. soooo i will try HARD to pick all this, UP.. I am a 10 month cannibis user, and i really LOVE the benefits of s.thing all natural etc. i had NOOO idea of the massive benefits of just the tip of the burg' of cannibis. soo i hope, i will...
  12. M

    5 x 600W HPS - 10 plant equals 4oz/100gr bad seeds?

    hi guys can anyone advice me a site that have good seeds? i used 5*600hps for 10 plant i used nutz but not a quality one. i did it in a small room. ph,humidity etc everything was ok so plants were healty pots was 18liter but i have taken 1/3 oz per plant.(7-10gr) i believe cuz of bad...
  13. D

    32kw Grow Rooms - High Pressure Aeroponics - How do I build the layout?

    Okay so i've done DWC bubbleponics in the past. had some good results and took a break from growing for a while. Now I'm within 30 days of beginning the buildout for a commercial grow and I'm really stuck on how the most cost effective & efficient way to build this. both 20x20 rooms share a...
  14. DeadHeadTed

    Water not penetrating the dried out soil - Any fixes?

    The soil/compost (i forget the compisition of what im using etc but im pretty sure it was compost i bought for this last transplant. It doesnt have any of those white bits in that retained/soaked up the water etc and due to unfortunate circumstances havn't been watered for awhile and the compost...
  15. JollyPotta

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my very first grow in a few days! Guidance please!

    Hi everyone! So I'm starting my very first grow in a few days! (very excited :) I bought a grow kit ebay jobby which consists of a 600W HPS, extractor fan and carbon filter. Pretty standard! I also purchased a little cooling fan. In addition I also purchased biobizz grow/bloom and topmax, PH...
  16. R

    Control panel

    Is there a tutorial on this. I would like to just see new posts etc. TOo much to surf through daily. Thanks Robo
  17. S

    Web TV show - Debate: Should cannabis be legalized?

    Web TV show in French. Broadcasted first on Feb 17th 2016. Opening; France has the most prohibitive policy of Europe, but the rate of users - especially uninformed teenagers who are more and more exposed to traffics - is also the highest in Europe and the number of users is rising everyday...
  18. S

    Do not use with timer?

    I have a 42 watt optolight CFL 2700k and it says Do not use with timers, blah blah, etc... Why not?
  19. Ferboldt

    Help! Are those trichomes clear or cloudy?

    Hi guys... Here I have an Lemon OG Haze Auto Fem. from Nirvana. She is 87 days old, my first grow and I made many mistakes with lights, nutritions etc. but she servived :) I'm looking for an energic smoke effect. As far as I read I should look after cloudy/milky. Do you guys think I'm...
  20. M

    First Ever Post - SOG Questions

    Hi this is my first ever post on the forums and just a question on Sea of green. What is the ideal pot size for Sea of green, i was going to do 4 rows of 4 (16 plants) in 12 litre pots in a 5x5 area (ds 150) 1000w etc etc etc.... Thanks.