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  1. Venice Beach Bagseed grow winterized ethanol extract.png

    Venice Beach Bagseed grow winterized ethanol extract.png

    I run out of my weed stash but I got this oil from my Venice Beach bagseed grow. Two more medicated days for me.
  2. zeroday

    The Honey Oil Thread: From Raw Bud & Trim, To RSO, Through An SPD, To Golden Love!

    Just getting ready to run a pound and a half of 30% bud and 70% trim. I'm hoping to get 25 grams of golden honey colored oil from it. To do so, I'll be running my raw material through a similar process that @Grandpa Tokin developed, and then adding to his process by evaporating my wash through...

    THC Solubility In Ethanol

    has anyone found the intel on how much thc can be dissolved in how much ethanol? regardless of how much one is dealing with, if the ethanol is saturated and one prefers the strength of minimal washes... one might be throwing away significant product. also- the "Lebanese blonde", left on the...
  4. L

    Improved yield RSO

    Most people out there do the QWET or Quick Wash Ethanol method which yields about 3-4 grams of oil per ounce or around 13% to 14% extraction yield. The total cannabinoid content of an ounce is about 5-5.5 grams of oil, anything above that is just chlorophyll and plant waxes. The "SCET" method...
  5. S

    What have I extracted?

    I have been saving my left over buds after vaping for the last couple of months. I recently put them all in 95% ethanol for a week and then filtered it using a Büchner funnel. I evaporated the ethanol and was left with a viscous black/brown oil. Any ideas what it is? We vaped it on 4/20 but...
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