1. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Warehouse Planned As Large Marijuana Growers Tighten Supply Of Real Estate

    A group of Eugene businessmen hope to start building a large west Eugene warehouse complex this summer, betting that a flood of investment in local warehouses by marijuana growers is squeezing out other users. Brent Lanz, owner of Lanz Cabinets, and officials with contractor Ordell...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Eugene City Council Decides How It Would Spend Pot-Tax Money

    Eugene city officials would put revenue from a proposed local sales tax on recreational marijuana toward social services, the new community court and parks security, the City Council decided Monday. City voters will decide on the 3 percent tax, estimated to bring in $200,000 to $600,000...
  3. D

    Eugene Oregon Grower 541 Area

    I am a 541 grower/smoker. I have been OMMP in the past for a few patients and did ok. I learned allot about agricultural sciences very quickly over about 3 years. I now know so much about MM growing that I am a guru for others that are still learning the process, and still need advice and...
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