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  1. E

    Canadian Grower

    Hey guys, I am not a bigtime smoker of marijuana but I have grown. Currently i am not growing anything but with the upcoming change in july and specifically in Alberta.... i will be going into full grow mode shortly. And without having to hide everything. Therefore, if i get off my butt i may...
  2. B

    Just joined the club

    Happy to be here. Lots of helpful info even though I'm a long term almost master grower~!
  3. rillos

    When to stop tucking a SCROG

    I'm 3 weeks into 12/12. I want it as even as possible but I also don't want to break anything.
  4. T

    Plant probs - 1st timer - Hydro - Coco

    Suspected underwatering symptoms and maybe a touch of nute burn Happens every other day, some leaves look like they are starting to dry up, some even falling off when moved. Others are getting the burned tips, even the very top of a lot of new growth. I even watered down the last feeding a bit...
  5. H

    First Timer Grower & Poster Needs Help

    Hello, First timer here and on the 11th plants looked great (week 3 of veg cycle) BUT they were very short compared to what I have been seeing online so I got worried even though they were wide and gorgeously green. I did a flush and beefed up the water by adding some PH and a 1+1/2 flora veg...
  6. Ron Strider

    OR: Marijuana Delivery Service Creates Parody Commercial That Will Give You Giggles

    Even if you're at work and not currently high, there's a good chance you're going to have a laugh while watching this new commercial from Briteside, an Oregon-based marijuana delivery service. Whether you're a stressed mom or a dad in search of his groove, the ad should hit a nerve. And if...
  7. 8

    Lighting - Best Results For Standard Height Ceilings

    Hi, New here and hoping to get a little advice from people who clearly have more experience in this area. After years of begging, I finally allowed my husband to set up an indoor grow room. So we did a lot of research in so many areas but it seems the lighting part is the most confusing...
  8. Why Doe

    Waited too long to harvest?

    Okay so she is an auto blueberry not even 2 months old. I was kinda waiting to check the trichomes based off age and how the plant looked. Since some of the colas are barley even fat, the pistils are still shooting straight out, and the leaves are still healthy green i figured I got plenty of...
  9. Ron Strider

    Here's What Happens When You Stop Using Marijuana

    Back in 1994, there were lots of things we were undecided about: Raves, were they the pied-piper of the techno-tribal revolution, or unrelenting embarrassment? Bill Clinton–corrupt, lying philanderer, or charming, lying philanderer? Brenda or Kelly? Zima or death? For its part, the DSM-IV...
  10. Ron Strider

    Canada Is Facing A Weed Drought - And It Only Has Itself To Blame

    Canada has a marijuana problem: The country is running out of legal weed for both medical and–soon–recreational users. The government is planning to make recreational marijuana legal no later than July of 2018, but politicians and some analysts are worried about adequate supply. Cam Mingay...
  11. C

    Is this a pest?

    The image show it, is this a pest? I doesn't move even when removed from the leaves
  12. Ron Strider

    Why Is The Marijuana Industry So Damn White

    We may be in the midst of the "green rush" but 90 percent of the marijuana industry is another color, and that color is white. (And male. And probably straight). Jacob Plowden, founder of the Cannabis Cultural Association and his Aunt Molly Adams, want to change that. They span three...
  13. M

    Could I have an admin PM me or check the support email for my message?

    I'd PM myself, but i can't see where the PM link is, even when I click on the admins names here. I won't take much of your time.
  14. tryan2grow1

    Air pump size for DWC

    Team, my DWC buckets currently run a 20gal aquarium pump each for a 5gal setup. Is this enough air or should an investment be made to get larger pumps? My plants seems to be happy but just wanted to know if they would be even happier with more air. Thank you to all in our 420 community for...
  15. D

    Deptrai's 2017 Chocolate Haze

    Chocolate Haze 95% sativa, 5% indica Indoor Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil mixed with 30% pearlite 7 gallon Smartpot, starting in Solo cup, then 2 gallon Smartpot 180 watt (60 3w chips with 103w actual output) Chinese UFO 4 65w 6500K CFL for veg and 4 65w 2700K CFL for flower So I'm going...
  16. M

    Best type of HID Reflector?

    Greetings, Looking for your opinions and experience. Is it better to run your bulb vertical or horizontal? (looking for even light distribution) What is the best type (style) of reflector to get even light in your opinion? Thanks and Cheers :thumb:
  17. T

    Help with cloning problem please - What the heck is this?

    Here are the pics of my 8 day old "clones". If anyone can tell me what this means it will be greatly appreciated! They kind of look like scary alien plant bumps or something lol. I'm clearly no expert, but that doesn't look healthy to me. These are cut from the plant, straight to water, dipped...
  18. B

    Baby OG

    Strain Name - Baby OG (Blackwater IBL F3) From- Grapedutchgenetics When -3/27 Price - N/A Type - Heirloom Indica Appearance - Pic attached, Vibrant Magenta and lime green calyx, around darker purple/black stems and brightened by peach hairs, eye candy. Giant lime green foxtails running on...
  19. N

    My first OZ cost $20.00

    Been around a long time but coming here for growing information. I am using household LED bulbs and having a fairly successful 1st small grow even with all the newbie mistakes. On the next grow I am going to start a journal and have at least one plant grown by vote.
  20. I

    100% germination

    everyone always bitches when things dont go well so i do the opposite. i wet 8 seeds and theyve all popped in 24 hours. ive never done this either so even at the hands of a moron i had success. i will use GYO again soon