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  1. H

    High Beam Here

    Hello there all 402er's!! Tom here as High Beam. I'm a stoner of some 42 years now. I'd say that makes me a qualified Pro. I've always wanted to be a professional pot smoker. I'm a puffer as I got glaucoma in my right shoulder. Green Crack or Cheese is my flavor of choice. I like reading blogs...
  2. Degauss

    CCHHI 2012 - Legalize Hemp 100% in CA

    Check out CCHHI 2012. Legalize industrial and medicinal hemp 100% across the board. NOT heavily taxed and regulated, just enough to make sense and spur business. This will create tons of energy/industrial/manufacturing jobs in the ultimate ecological green sense. We are proud to say we are...
  3. G

    NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair

    October 10-13 2008 Join us for good food, good music & good ppl! Damn Sam Productions ~ Home of the NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair / Political Rally
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