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  1. R

    Hello - My first indoor ever

  2. W

    Crop Circle Auto - First ever grow ever!

    Hi I just posted these in the uk section, hope this is allowed! Day 45 of a alleged 55 day from seed to harvest! Reckon it may need a bit longer but I hope it hurried up so I can flower the others.
  3. Ron Strider

    UK: Largest Cannabis Factory Ever Discovered In Hertfordshire Is Shut Down By Police

    A police spokesman said: "The largest cannabis factory ever found in Hertfordshire has been dismantled and destroyed by police officers. "It was discovered last Tuesday (October 17) in Hatfield Road, Potters Bar, after police received an anonymous call by a member of the public." Around...
  4. D

    Greek Red Sativa

    Just cropped, started with the trimming.My best smoke.....
  5. G

    New Around Here

    Hey everyone thanks for having me.
  6. I

    My first grow ever - Flowers seem too small - Outdoor

    Hi guys, i'm at my first ever grow, started back at the end of april. It all went almost problems free, after a troubling start. Now i should be at the end of the 3rd week of flowering and i think my flowers are too small. Could anybody give a thought i would really appreciate it. For me these...
  7. lukebro

    Anyone ever seen this?

    On one of my clones from the bubble cloner, I'm noticing some blue on a few of the roots. Anyone ever experienced this? Also, should i just snip off the stems below the roots that arent growing anything? Help is much appreciated :thanks::Namaste::thumb:
  8. maddscientist


    What looks like rust spots all over my leaves just started happening this week anyone else ever come across this problem
  9. B

    First Grow Ever - 600W - Hindu Kush

    Small intro cauae im a few weeks late on the documentation. Hi police[emoji112]Hi this is my first time ever growing dope! Im in my 3rd week from seed srry im not good with this timeline shit bear with me. Started the grow with 2 26watt cfl lights and a few small fans. Within the first 10 days I...
  10. DonJuanaGrow

    I'm happy to be back.

    I've been Growing my own Medical Grade Marijuana for the past 6 years as a result of the cost to fill my 90 gram per month prescription from my Family Practitioner. Also I've learned that No Bud is as Great as Own Grown is. I'm 53 and I'm about to start my 6th ever Grow Journal Under the new...
  11. J

    James's 1st Ever Grow - Hydro Box

    Ak47 from seed. 3 foot box with 150 w led.
  12. C

    First Ever Grow - Jack Herer Auto - When To Flush

    This is my first ever attempt. I'm thinking of flushing this Saturday...maybe 10 days out from harvest at that point, but I have no idea. Leaves are still all green and trichs seem to be clear (see photos). Should I let this go longer or can you tell from the photos whether I'm about 2 weeks...
  13. M

    DNA Florida OG - Mars Hydro 300 - Second Ever Grow

    Welcome to my second ever grow and my first ever grow journal. Having grown up in Florida and beginning my cannabis journey there I've been searching for the ever mysterious "Crippy." I'm not here to debate the lineage nor do I truly believe the DNA Genetics Florida OG is Crippy. With that...
  14. N

    Seedling Tops Missing!

    First attempt at a grow... I did everything by the book and got 100% germination... planted the seeds indoors in a 1 part organic soil, 2 parts worm castings, & 2 parts perlite. Did fantastic... Checked them at 3 a.m. this morning and the second set of leaves were barely peeking out... Went...
  15. TheFertilizer

    Question on cloning a flowering plant and cycling

    Well, they're not really flowering yet, but they're showing pre-flowers after I flipped them. I think this is traditionally the time people take cuts for clones isn't it? Well, I found a plant I really like in my flowering tent and I think I just want to start cloning it, but it doesn't have...
  16. N

    1st Grow Ever - High CBD Strains - 8 Plants

    Hello!! Today is day 21 for me. I am doing my first ever grow and it's indoors. I have technically 3 different setups going at the moment. I am growing 8 plants to stay under my 10 plant maximum as my 2 gram a day prescription allows. Setup 1. 3 5000k 35w led bulbs. In my Pepsi fridge, I...
  17. I

    Islandfarmer's First Ever Grow - 4x4 - Soil - 1300W LED

    Hello all, After reading, learning, obsessing, obsessing, and then reading some more I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. This is my first attempt ever at MJ but I have had vegetable gardens and bonsais foe many years.
  18. K

    Puriclean x2

    This is supposed to TOTAL clean you out in ONE day. Has anyone ever tried this product And did it work? CHERS Karma1961:thanks:
  19. Bluecheeze

    My first grow ever - How many plants will fit in my tent?

    Okay so this is my first grow ever and i got a question , i think this will be the right forum :thumb: I will have a 90x90x170cm grow tent with a Mars ll 700w LED. How many plants can i have in this tent?
  20. I

    First Grow Ever Questions - Setup

    Hello Everyone, This is going to be my first closet grow and my first grow ever and I am very excited. :cheer2: What I need help with: I have bag seed or im thinking about buying Candyland Seeds from a sponsor? Are the sponsor sites reliable even shipping to the U.S. illegally? I have...