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  1. JonsGrowTech

    Strong Tincture

    Hello all, Here is a simple way to ingest your medicine: Things you will need: De-carbed Wax 190 proof everclear oral syringe or glass bottle with dabber I start with .7-1 gram of de-carbed shatter. This gives me about 3 doses. Some people use bud; I personally don't think its strong...
  2. B

    Best CCO for eczema/dermatitis?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and have been reading up on How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil Has anyone had success with a CCO for eczema/dermatitis? I would like to try using CCO to see if it may help with my condition. Im thinking of a high CBD strain to minimize the psychoactive effects...
  3. M

    Noob and need help with understanding tincture

    We are just starting to make tincture and treat some health issues and found this site and wonderful people while researching. My question is that in the recipe for making tinctures it instructs to freeze the mixture of everclear and MJ. What does freezing the everclear do to speeding up the...
  4. O

    Need help cleaning BHO!

    Hey guys! First 420 mag post! Lol. Well, just coming on here for a little help. I recently bought some bho off of a friend of mine's "caregiver" and the thing was still full with butane. I decided to try and purge it more by letting it purge on a glass Pyrex dish using a torch. I got it down to...
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