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  1. D

    Hi everybody - Am new here

    Hi, everybody. I am new here and really gald to be one of you. I have been reading a lot on here, and am going to grow my own baby plant. Runing with Galaxyhy 300watt grow light with their code. Hope to have a good sprout soon. This is my first real grow but I enjoy gardening so have an...
  2. GrizzWald

    Recess Is Over - Now To Muck Up The Lesson

    If a dove is the "bird of peace" then what's the bird of "true love"? The swallow. I was going to start with the most offensive joke I know, just to let you know the content before it's written:19: but I'd like somebody to sub not offend you all before it starts :19: Miss talking crap to you...
  3. F

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everybody my name is Franky and im from Italy where I grow industrial hemp ( 1 hectare for the moment)but i live and grow MMJ in Spain. Today i unfortunatly knew about a 2nd throat cancer on my father so i search about it and i found very comprhensive information about RSO therapy here,and...
  4. C

    Hey Now Everybody

    just wanted to say thanks for letting me in the forum crop:thanks: