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  1. F

    Heating water

    Good morning everyone I was wondering what everyone is using to heat your water for your plants ?
  2. Q

    It's me QueenZena! I am the one you have been hearing about from Guy Cavallero!

    Hello everyone! I Just wanna thank everyone on this amazing forum for all the support you have showed me based on one person's sharing my story.I have so much to add to this so we can help others as well. Wow I'm so excited to meet talk and grow with this community.!!!
  3. P

    Hi everyone

    hi everyone i live in australia and would love to here from anyone that likes to grow outdoors and is intested in breeding. i acquired some seed from nimbin,eastern australia,after my frist grow i discoverd a highley uplifting,energetic and sociable plant. as far as i can tell mostly...
  4. ckenney82

    Hello everyone - I'm new and just wanted to say hello

    Hi everyone. Im 35 I live in A legal medical and recreational state. I picked up growing as a kind of stress relief that grew into a passion is how I would put it. I am a medical patient. I use this for documented PTSD, Anxiety and mild Schizophrenia. This is my first grow ever in my life. I...
  5. C

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone I'm new to this so hope all goes well going to be browsing for a bit to get familiar any advise
  6. D

    Finally here!

    Have been lurking for years lol. I finally got around to actually joining. Whats up everyone!
  7. D

    Family, friends, food and weed

    Nice to meet everyone.
  8. T

    New Member From Canada

    Hello everyone, I have been smoking for about 22 years and going. I enjoy learning all about growing weed and lately I have tried making weed/hash oil and honey oil, so I have a couple questions about how that process went for me. So if someone could let me know where in the site is a good place...
  9. W

    Hi Everyone

    I'm a brand new grower in Massachusetts I was given 3 clones to start and killed 2 within weeks. The 3rd one is doing okay (rolling eyes) I'm in the process of making every mistake possible (but I never make the same one twice) I was reaching out to groups in Facebook but that can be...
  10. KingCloudy

    New And Hungry To Learn!

    Hey everyone! KingCloudy here! I'm new to the community, and wouldn't mind meeting a few people who would be interested in maybe giving me some tips. Hope everyone has a great day, and keeping green!
  11. S


    hello everyone, great site and great info.
  12. C

    Grow tent day time temp too hot!!!

    Thanks everyone
  13. Irondog702

    First timer

    Just wanted to say whats up to everyone. Im new here and a first timer. Im from Vegas baby... lol. anyway we have medical and as of july 1st recreational marijuana. i have been reading alot here and want to thank everyone for the wealth of info found around here. so thanks and im sure we will...
  14. A

    Hello everyone just returned to the grow show

    Greetings everyone! I'm returning to the grow scene after life events prevented me from growing my own for the last 4 years. I feel as though there have been a lot of changes in tech since last time, also living in Massachusetts where legislation has changed and recreational use is now legal! If...
  15. G

    New guy here

    just wanted to say hey to everyone im a new grower this year and almost ready to harvest cant wait hope everyone is as blessed and happy as i am
  16. Pistol03


    Hi everyone
  17. Fozzie

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I heard about this place from Herbies. I've been growing about 2 years now but by no means an expert. Looking forward to learning better ways to grow my meds. Fozzie!
  18. N

    New member eh

    Hello everyone here, I have lurked about for years reading but decided to start a account finally. mainly because I'm at a point in my life where I want to start growing my own and luckily I recently moved to a acreage owned by a friend who has grown before :) so I look forward to learning...
  19. ReNN

    What's up

    Hey everyone.... Figure I'd drop by and say hello. Signed up yesterday since it was 420 and all. I currently have some Dutch Passion Glueberry OG and Brooklyn Sunrise going. I've learned alot from things I've read on 420 mag and figured I'd join the community. I might start a journal on...
  20. WhatIfChris

    How Goes It 420

    Hey Everyone :ciao: I'm new to this site, new to growing but not new to smoking :thumb: I will be starting a grow journal and am looking forward to any input, advice, constructive criticism that you all might have. I'm excited to surf the site and see what it's all about. Thanks in advance...