excess nutrients

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    Issues during flowering week 5: Tangerine Kush

    Hey everyone this is my 2nd grow indoors using soil temps 76-80f 1/28 was last feeding. Gave them water and silica pH 6.8 2/11. Do you guys thing am having a excess nute problem or they need more nutes? Thanks guys updated needed info---I have a 1 gal that I mix my nutes in when feed- basis A...
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    Too much nutrients in potting soil mix? Slight lime green veins / leaf edges/curled

    Hey guys, this is my second grow. I have 3 special kush feminized, and 3 special queen feminized purchased from my local seed shop. It has been 12 days since they sprouted(Sept 23). I just switched them from a couple 23w Clfs to my 600w MH at 50% (300w). I'm just waiting on pots so I can...
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