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  1. D

    Intake - Exhaust: Balance, More Air In or More Air Out?

    Hello everyone! So, I am trying to find answers to this for a while. If let's say you have the possibility to fully control the Air Intake-Exhaust balance in a grow space to any extent you wish. What would be best for the plant's growth? To actually have a somewhat more intake than exhaust or...
  2. F

    Exhaust and fan

    Should I exhaust my grow room during lights out and should I keep a ground fan circulating sorry this probably exists somewhere but I just ran out of time
  3. E

    EndItAll's Ongoing Organic DIY Adventure

    Since my grows are overlapping and I can't be bothered to keep starting and stopping journals, I'm just gonna go with an ongoing journal of whatever I have going on. For those of you just joining my ravings, here's the important details. Main overhead lights: -1x 200w (actual watts, not...
  4. M

    Drying Cabinet Idea

    The girls have a couple weeks left, Was thinking of what to do about drying. I saw the Mr. Krip Drying Box Thread Love the idea! Going to try and expand on it. I've got a 4x4 "Mammoth" tent with 2x Meizhi 600w LED on Four Critical 2.0 Dinafem in dirt (Doing quite well) exhaust is a 4"...
  5. N

    Ventilation for Grow Box question

    Hey folks, first time poster long time lurker. I got the ok from the wife lady for a grow box, first time growing and so far search has answered all my questions except this one... I have a 48''x36''x77'' (lxwxh) cabinet I have built from my left over lumber pile, I will be adding a...
  6. P

    Dem Ninja exhaust fans!

    Hey guys i have a cheapish "Gro lush" exhaust fan, 4in I'm looking at getting something more quieter in the future. With the possibility of needing 2 so they need to be very quiet. Anyone got an recommendations for good value for money ones? Cheers Joey
  7. ConstantGreen

    Do intake filters need intake fans?

    My ~100 cubic foot tent has a 170cfm inline exhaust fan with 170cfm phresh filter. I want to add a 140cfm intake filter to reduce dust and debris that the passive intake vents let through. Can the exhaust fan handle the extra resistance? Or would i need an intake fan?
  8. B

    New to online gardening

    I want to share with a few friends. I recently Became a MMJ card holder of one gram per day woo whoo :thumb:. I can have 5 plants indoors and or 2 outdoors not sure yet both maybe? I have a 48x48x80 tent with some led lighting, a fan, and a scrubber. I keep a ozone generator in the rooms...
  9. E

    RDWC N DWC Pakistan Valley & Sour Secret

    Welcome to my journal! Setup: DR150 Tent CoolTube: 1x 400 w Horti 1x 600 w Flora Ph tester: HI981504/7 Hanna Tester Fan: 435Cfm exhaust 6'' 250cfm intake 4'' System: 35 Gal RDWC 350GPH Airpump 70L/hour They just got turned into Flo updating pic later in the day! System is home made special...
  10. philly cheese

    Cheese's Hydro: Northern Lights Auto, Grow Journal 2016

    HYDRO GROW Strain - Northern Lights Autoflower Indica dominant Indoor 70% Indica, 20% Sativa 10% Ruderalis THC 15.08% CBD 0.9% CBN 0.3% # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Veg Setup - top drip Light - 2x 300 w LED Ventilation: 2x fans cold air in, exhaust out the...
  11. C

    Scrubbing air in my AC'd tent

    If I have a 5 by 5 tent with a 6"x24" phresh filter and 6" hyperfan w/ controller, but also a portable ac sitting in the tent exhausted out of the tent and room - what is the best way to scrub the exhaust air of smells? I've dumped small bits of ona gel in the ac exhaust when the smell got out...
  12. D

    Exhaust fan position

    Ok so I've done 4 grows now and found that my light is being to dispursed in the grow area as its to big for my lights. So to fix this I bought a grow tent. 6x6x5 my questions is this. I have a 325 cfm inline fan should I put it blowing fresh air into the tent or suckling older air out of the...
  13. S

    Question on exhaust inline fan combos

    I'm trying to find out info on exhaust inline filter combos made by a company called growsun has anyone heard of them know anything about them are they good products or stay away ?
  14. A

    Smell seeping out - Need better fan?

    Gf says she can smell the pot even when I haven't opened the tent yet today so I need this fixed ASAP. I currently have two fans in my tent, intake and exhaust. I believe they are both rated at 100 cfm. Could my problem be that the exhaust simply isnt strong enough to clear the tent before the...
  15. S

    Inline Fans - What's the best?

    :Namaste: Guys! Ok i'm looking for the collective view / personal experiences with the best i.e. the quietest inline fans please. This is to cover 1 square meter grow space so just a little one - I believe it's around 169/70CFM if my calculations are correct. The most important thing here...
  16. J

    Exhaust On - Too cold Exhaust Off - Too hot

    Hi everyone I'm currently testing my setup with some bag seeds, before i plant the real deal. Problem is my exhaustsystem. It's too powerfull for my 4x4x6 tent. When it's ON it gets too cold too fast, when it's OFF it gets too hot. It doesn't have a regulator, i can only switch on and...
  17. M

    LED Stealth Box - Exhaust System

    Hey all, I just got some parts in the mail for my grow box. I'm pretty excited so I wanted to post the set up. 6" 240 cfm duct fan, fan speed adjuster and 4" to 6" duct adapter: Put togther: Fan w/ 4"adapter, 4" vinyl ducting, and 4" carbon filter w/ prescreen. Put together: Watt box...
  18. cmay

    Co2 Boost Bucket & Co2 Mushroom Box

    What are your thoughts on using one of these for a small 2x2 two plant grow currently in week 1 of 9 week bloom. I know that the C02 should be pumped when the lights are on which is when the plants will need it. My question is I have never used any of these. I already bought the Mushroom box so...
  19. J

    Advice on exhaust fan

    I didn't want to create another thread but after reading lots of threads and reviews, I still feel not sure what I will be buying for an exhaust fan on my tent. I already have a tent and is a 3x3 one from secret jardin. I also have a Mars 900 led. Now I need the exhaust fan and carbon...
  20. G

    Can I attach acoustic ducting to normal ducting?

    Hi I'm doin my first grow I've got everything setup and my exhaust ducting is really loud. I was planning on getting about 3metre of acoustic 6" ducting and attaching it to my 6" exhaust ducting but wasn't sure if it would fit? If anyone can help, thanks.
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