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    Day 5/ Week 9 ... Day 61 ... mid flower
  2. IMG_20190727_184259.jpg


    Day 6/ Week 8 ... Day 55 ... early flower
  3. IMG_20190726_195804.jpg


    Day 5/ Week 8 ... Day 54 ... early flower
  4. H

    Exodus Cheese - Some strain advice needed

    Hi folks, I'm just wondering if anyone has experience growing GreenHouseSeeds Auto Exodus Cheese in hydro? I have a small five plant grow nearing its end, hoping to be finished in next 4 weeks, and get some new Auto's started. I bought a ten pack of these GHS Exodus Cheese Auto seeds, to...
  5. Jackalope

    Exodus Cheese

    Posted a similar review in another area. Thought it might be better here. Exodus Cheese was my choice for a 45 minute MRI. The pure fact that its uplifting high can change your moods and outlook on life. That in itself gives it 2 thumbs up. The fact that it kept my mind busy while I was stuck in...
  6. Jackalope

    Exodus Cheese

    I grew the Greenhouse E Cheese and was very happy with it. I know they didn't do the work but this is a killer strain. Not sure if it is the strongest but it is one of the happiest weeds I have smoked. Had to go through another 45 min MRI. The first 2 I was working and couldn't smoke pot...
  7. C

    Second ever grow - Exodus Cheese & Sour Diesel - Why's one plant so different?

    Yooo Second ever grow. Got two Exodus Cheese and one Sour Diesel. The been in veg from seed for about 2 weeks and I'm just wondering why one looks so different to the other?? This is the first Exodus Cheese: This is the second Exodus Cheese: Just wondering why...
  8. TheBlaze

    TheBlaze's Multi-Strain Grow In Coco & 600W HPS

    So, on to the next grow. 5 of the 6 beans have already broken the surface. All in less than 3 days. That is a record for me. This is the first grow where I charged my medium with calmag. I wonder if that is the reason for the vigour the new girls are showing. Strains: - Exodus Kush : DNA...
  9. B

    BastardSons Grow Journal - First Chapter

    Growing a crop of 6 plants from seed, hoping for 3 strong mothers. Strains: Dinafem Diesel(2x), Dinafem Cheese(2x), Exodus Cheese(2x) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Diesel: Indica/Sativa - Mostly Sativa, Dinafem Cheese: Mainly Indica Exodus Cheese: Indica/Sativa -...
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