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    Auto's preflowers

    Hi all, I've had preflowers on one of my lady's now for about 5 days when can I expect a change and for to kick of into flowering? Thanks
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    What to expect?

    So if I switch from grow to bloom nutes with my auto, does that mean all growth stops? Or can I expect a triple in size (as she enters flowering) like with normal plants? She's slowed vertical growth and is showing preflowers, time to change to bloom nutes? Excuse the dumb questions, first...
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    Bagseed grow - Advice

    I started 2 plants from bagseed in late august. One plant turned out to be male and I tossed it. This is all just an experiment and for fun, I never intended to get much from the plant. I have stressed the plant numerous times by moving it and going on vacation (left it in complete dark for 6...