1. BoomTune

    How to buy parts for and put together a $6,000 High-pressure Aeroponics System that doesn't clog

    After about a year of trial and error (And spending a small fortune), it looks like its finally going to work. A High-pressure Areoponic system that won't clog in the Australian Outback climate. However, the Water pump and Solenoid valve still need their own sound-proof boxes. Something which...
  2. o2much4me

    Expensive Enzymes Alternatives Cannazyme, Hygrozyme etc

    Looking for a less expensive alternative to Cannazyme. Here are some I have found. Anyone tried any of these? UltraClear® Super Strength Treatment (SST) Gallon (100% Live bacteria) UltraClear(R) Super Strength Treatment (SST) Gallon The Pond Digger Brand Beneficial Bacteria...
  3. C

    Which Mars LED setup for 3x3 DWC?

    Hey guys! I have a Darkstreet 90 tent 90cm x 90cm (3x3). I am wondering which option below would be the best bang for your buck, while keeping the temperature as low as possible because I am using a non recirculating DWC setup, so my 5 gallon buckets' solution need to be as cool as possible...
  4. A

    Help! Can't decide which portable vaporizer

    Hello 420 peeps, Help! I'm stuck in the research portable vaporizers, changing my mind on which model, researching more, reading customer reviews, changing my mind, etc.... cycle. Here's my newbie take: The Crafty, Mighty - extremely expensive considering some customers aren't happy...
  5. T

    Is The Volcano Worth $650 With A Starter Set?

    Hey guys, I'm only a teen and don't have that much money. I live in holland and there's a shop about 20 minutes away from my house that's selling the volcano with a starter set included. But it costs $650 dollars (480 euros) and I'm not sure whether it's worth THAT much. I think it's the classic...
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