1. G

    Jilly Bean From TGA Seeds

    Just started a few Jilly Bean..... beans. Was generally impressed w the reviews, a mood elevator, happy inducing, great flavor. Wondering if anyone else has had experience w this strain and whether it is all that it is cracked up to be.
  2. Zafu

    Swazi Gold - Anyone here harvest, cure this?

    I'm looking at World of Seeds Swazi Gold as one of the 5 varieties for my next outdoor grow and haven't found much info. on here when I search. Any of you have direct experience with this lady? Just wondering if she is as good as some reports I've read. Thank you. Zafu
  3. andIhalped

    Experience growing Lemon Diesel?

    It's one of my favorite strains, when I can find a decent batch. I'm thinking of growing it next yr, outdoors. Let me know if you've grown it & what yr experience was...seems to be sorta unstable in terms of phenos, from what I gather.
  4. S

    Growing CBD-only strain as an economic crop - In Wales UK

    Hello there! I'm trying to work out if my small acreage is sufficient to grow an economic crop. In this country a crop can be legally grown if it has less than 0.2% THC, and providing that a licence is obtained. The licence is expensive, and I have to register with police, etc etc. If it was...
  5. Oldbear

    Seed Bank Use?

    Hi all Does anyone have any experience with Montreal Cannabis Seeds or Quebec Cannabis Seeds?
  6. Ron Strider

    Flower & Freedom's Unique Approach To Cannabis Education: The Elevate Experience

    As we head towards cannabis legalization in Canada, the one thing we can all agree on is that consumer education was needed yesterday. At Flower & Freedom we are on a mission to empower people to explore cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. This inspired us to create The Elevate...
  7. BirdNerd

    Abandoned BirdNerd's Rookie Mistake Experiment Outdoor OG Kush

    First, I would just like to thank 420 Magazine for this amazing site and the community peeps for being such cool fellow grow brothers and sisters! I joined the community in July when I had experimented with a bag seed and ended up with a 1/2 lb yield and was hooked!!! I am from a long line...
  8. Ron Strider

    CA: The Ultimate Blissed-Out Yoga And Cannabis Experience Is Coming To Joshua Tree

    In the past several millennia, cannabis has been revered as highly spiritual. Whether it was for medicinal purposes, trade, nourishment, or rituals, the plant has long inspired connection, gratitude, and overall well-being, from the inside and out. Then, of course, came that oh-so-little speed...
  9. A

    Netflix series - Disjointed - Discuss - Like it? Hate it?

    Have you binged "Disjointed" on Netflix yet? If not - Spoiler Alert. Stop now. Pros: I love to see unknown actors and Kathy Bates was a good choice to lead this cast. The faux commercials were the best part, and I really enjoyed the animated segments that illustrated the experience of...
  10. FeloniousPunk

    Cannabis and Dementia - Especially Alzheimers

    Does anybody have any experience with Cannabis and Dementia? Peace. :peace:
  11. J

    He Or She?

    Hey guys, So I posted a few weeks ago about my first grow and got some amazing pointers that have really helped my plants! I snapped some great pic so today and think he/she is ready to be sexed. Could someone with sexing experience tell me what they think? Thank again for all the...
  12. C

    A Modest Introduction (Not Proposal)

    Greetings everyone. I recently made an investment in some seeds. The Amnesia Haze - Auto Flower Fems. I intend to grow them in an Aerogarden, so any advice would be very appreciated. I didn't do my due diligence in reading other introductions to see how how much or little people share, so...
  13. M


    Hi, I'm hoping to hear about any experience with using the microbe product Soil Balance Pro? I've used Mammoth and Great White before with good success but I hear amazing things about this new one (mostly from their sales people :) ). Anyone tried it? Their website has lots of amazing claims on...
  14. Ron Strider

    Are There Withdrawal Symptoms From Weed

    If you've been consuming cannabis and you want to stop for some reason (either permanently or just to take a temporary break) you might be wondering if there are withdrawal symptoms you'll have to contend with. Unfortunately, there isn't a straightforward answer to this question, as everyone...
  15. pjmax

    Is it ready?

    First grow, outdoors, with a friend who wants to harvest and I that want to wait 2 more weeks. Beginners so no real life experience, only following pictures, advise online, etc.
  16. B

    The Guy Next Door

    Hi fellow 420 lovers...looking forward to learn from your experience and to read all interesting threads :volcano-smiley: becycle Ottawa
  17. E

    Anybody ever buy off kingcropseeds.com?

    I wanna know how well of a job they do before I buy off there.
  18. Annabanana


    Hello fellow OzStoners I've not grown for 15 years and the bulk of my experience is in outdoor cultivation. I've set up two tents ; 1 is 1.5 sq/ m, the other is 4 sq/m and am waiting for my seeds. But my question is; is there an alternative for the production of CO2 via canister & regulator...
  19. S

    Help me!

    Greetings fellow farmers. This is my first grow attempt and I was lucky enough for it to be a female. To me everything looks like it's going quite well but I wanted some reassurance from people with experience. Id add a picture if I knew how lol I'm new here. Please hlp
  20. S

    Anyone try a vapcap?

    I was wondering if anyone within the sound of my voice has any experience with vapcap produsts. They do look interesting.
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