1. N

    Not my first grow but I’m still learning and need some guidance

    I tried doing journals before and although I was very active, it was very easy to forget about the journal and I’m back on this amazing site once again. I’m back looking for some sort of answers or guidance to my grow but here is the details first of all….. What Strain is it? Unknown, I think...
  2. C

    Spotting leaves

    Help! This is my first grow. I'm about 2.5 weeks in on my oldest one and I've noticed spots that look as if they're burning thru the leaves on two of my three plants. It seems as if it started on older foliage. Idk what info is helpful aside from a pic so just some general info: I'm using a 600w...
  3. G


    I'm new and will eventually need help from experienced people!!!!
  4. Ferboldt

    Seriously need help! 11 days to harvest - Leaving for vacation

    Hi guys. Please check this Thread; Right after harvest, vacation! What to do? I need all the input and ideas you have. I posted the original thread to "Frequently Asked Questions" but I need experienced DWC growers opinion. I'm leaving for vacation and my baby is not ready yet...
  5. N

    Experienced Grower Needs Help?

    Hello 420, Ive taken a newb name due to my little problem!.. I'm kinda experienced to tell the truth! but I'm running into a problem, my photoperiod plants look awesome! My Auto's look like garbage, I'm about to kill 3 or 4 of them or even all and say start over, and I need some advice! I'm...
  6. S

    1st grow - Want experienced eyes to have a look

    Hey guys, I am 2.5 weeks into flowering on my first grow. Everything seems to be going well but I just wanted a more experienced pair of eyes have a look for me. I have the two green goddesses on 12 12 and they are strong little buggers! Any comments are much appreciated. Spunkmeyer.
  7. G

    Germination method?

    Hello. I have read about the paper towel method and just planting straight to container. Can an experienced member tell me which would be better for a new grower?
  8. M

    Hello experienced and stealth growers - Your answers are needed

    I am currently living in an apartment and my room has a bathroom with only access to me. Bathroom has a ventilation in the shape of a square. However i feel like half up sucks in air out of bathroom. And the bottom half of the square pushes air inside the bathroom. Is this how they all work or...
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