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  1. M

    Help me

    WTF. First attempt. Not an expert. Animal Cookies Hybrid. About 1 month grow time. 2 CFL and 1 blue plant light. Miracle Grow. Bottom fan leaves rolling over. Wish it was fuller Bushier Healthier looking. Any tips. Again... I'm not an expert with money. Keep it simple. HELP ME..
  2. N

    GSC Fastbuds - First time grower

    I was wondering how long does my plant have left
  3. Ron Strider

    AK: Marijuana Expert McGuire To Speak At Raven Landing

    Colorado marijuana expert Jo McGuire will give a presentation called "What Fairbanks Needs to Know About the Recreational Marijuana Industry" at 5:30 p.m. today at Raven Landing. McGuire was appointed to the Colorado governor's task force that recommended the framework for regulating...
  4. Why Doe

    23 days old and already flowering?

    Okay I am by no means an expert, actually I'm not even finished with my first grow, that plant is a couple weeks from done. These 2 plants will be my second grow and I planted them at the same time on 7/7. The big one was planted straight into the 7gal the little girl was transplanted to the...
  5. W

    Is my plant female or male?

    Hi, i know it is too early to idenify the plant's sex. But i took some shots. So i'm asking to the expert cannabis gods. Can we idenify on this stage or should i wait a bit longer?
  6. S

    What is up with my leaves?

    Ive done extensive reasearch but it kind of looks like a lot of things. Does anyone here have an expert opinion they can lend? Its coco, canna. Grow is here:First Ever SCROG - 600W - Coco - Tent - White Widow
  7. K


    Any bodyy ever use expert gardener 15/30/15 on autos
  8. S


    New to growing, look forwards to getting expert advice....