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    An Experiment - Slicing seeds that haven't germinated

    Hello to you all 420 growers! First of all, i'd like to say that im defenetley not an expert and not even close to be. Any other advices and idea are greatly welcome. I had 2 reg Bluckberry Kush seeds that did'nt make it to be germinated (I used the toalet paper method for 1 week, then i...
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    Experiment With Fertilizer Spikes - Cheap Grow - Newbie

    Ok. So I have one grow on. It's a dwc for pineapple chunk. After having a rough start and with one plant looking sickly...I decided to germinate one more and do it as a soil grow! Doesn't sound very expiremental...but, with the wife limiting my expenses I decided to try and do this grow as CHEAP...