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  1. Ron Strider

    NV: Carson City Supervisors Extend Moratorium On Recreational Marijuana

    The Carson City Board of Supervisors on Thursday decided to extend a ban on the sale of recreational marijuana until an ordinance addressing the new business is drafted. The board had the option to let the existing moratorium expire in July and allow the city's two medical marijuana...
  2. Ron Strider

    FL: City, County Look To Extend Medical Marijuana Moratoriums

    Bradenton and Manatee County consider extending their medical marijuana moratoriums while the Florida Legislature drags its feet on a law approved by a majority of Florida voters in November. Uncertainty in Tallahassee is prompting local officials to extend medical marijuana moratoriums. The...
  3. K

    IA: Lawmakers OK Bill To Extend Medical Marijuana Program

    Des Moines – A House committee has approved a bill that would extend Iowa's existing medical marijuana program. The House Public Safety Committee voted Tuesday with bipartisan support for the extension. It's now available for debate in the House. The bill would remove a scheduled sunset this...
  4. R

    Colorado Springs Could Extend Medical Marijuana Business Ban

    Colorado Springs officials have suggested extending the city's ban on medical marijuana businesses for another year. The Gazette reports that the City Council passed a six-month ban last November with the promise that it wouldn't be extended. A task force that has studied the issue made some...