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  1. F

    New with a question

    I am hoping that this group can provide some answers that I am unable to find elsewhere. I am making my own canna oil capsules to help treat chronic lower back pain. Decarboxilation? Can it be achieved by simply drying the ground bud completely or is external heat necessary to complete the...
  2. T

    Tower fan that will come on with external timer

    Hello I am looking for a smallish oscillating tower fan that will work off an external timer. All the fans I see need to be turned on every time you plug it in. I bought this Seville Classics UltraSlimline 17 in. Oscillating Personal Tower Fan and other than it not working with an external...
  3. Scrogdawg

    New tent - External reservoir for easy access - Pics inside

    From a design developed by member Saibot I built a fairly elaborate 4 bucket RDWC system with an external reservoir using ¾" inlet (pump) and 1.5" return (drain) lines along with a 1000 gph water pump. Saibots manifold design has several failsafe's built in to eliminate almost every chance of...
  4. L

    Vertical NFT with external reservoir.

    Hey all, Just wanted to throw an idea out there and let you pick it apart. I'm about the wrap up my first grow in a couple weeks. I've learned a ton from this forum and all the helpful growers within, thanks. Due to the huge pain in the ass it is to change the res and check PPM & PH in an DWC...
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