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  1. Venice Beach Bagseed grow winterized ethanol extract.png

    Venice Beach Bagseed grow winterized ethanol extract.png

    I run out of my weed stash but I got this oil from my Venice Beach bagseed grow. Two more medicated days for me.
  2. HayStack

    Haystack Just Can't Stop

    So, I dunno. This seems all to fun for me to stop now. I've started another grow and decided to start yet another journal to record my grow. My latest grow consists of two Sour Diesel Lemon Kush plants (Foreground in pic.) and two Guava Jelly plants (Background in pic.) I'll be growing again in...
  3. K

    Winterizing oil at -80 degrees C, -112F: Better or worse?

    Hi, I have access to a freezer that goes down to -80 degrees C (-112 degrees F) My question is: will this be better or overkill for winterization compared to higher temperatures like -25 degrees C (-13F)? I had heard that I could lose the cannabinoids at this low temperature, they might also...
  4. Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

    Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

  5. Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

    Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

  6. M

    Please Help

    Is my Blueberry Autoflower ready yet. It has been 12 weeks from seeds. Ffof soil Florabloom, seaweed extract, and molasses Mars hydro 300 Temps 70-78 day 68-72 night
  7. E

    Refining purified Delta 9 THC from extract

  8. E

    Home hobby distillation of cannabinoid

    I am a patient who needed hard core medicine and could not locate in dispensaries the kind of purity I require. So I get dispensary extract and purify it. By the third pass it is clear and very pale yellow and potency is off the charts. Perfect.
  9. Ron Strider

    DEA: Hemp Industry Had No Right to Challenge 'Marijuana Extract' Rule

    The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wants to dismiss a lawsuit challenging a "marijuana extract" rule. DEA's publication of the rule immediately caused an uproar in the burgeoning cannabidiol (CBD) industry, prompting the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), Centuria Natural Foods Inc...
  10. A

    Tent Cooling

    So I have an issue as I need to cool the area but cant vent outside. I'm using 2x600w HPS lights with 2x 20l buckets, in a space of 3mx2mx2m (LxBxH) with a extract fan 6inch extract 720CFM with 2 addition fans inside the tent. I'm using DWC and to help cool the water I have put some (20kg) solid...
  11. PurpleGunRack

    The Hash Club

    Hi fellow 420'ers:welcome: I thought I'd devote a thread to discussing and reviewing hash. Feel free to contribute with a review of your own homemade hash or your import hash A little background story I love ganja, but I really really love hash and it was the first type...
  12. Emilya

    Emmie's Backyard Fermented Plant Extracts From Dandelions!

    In this thread we are going to make 3 important extracts for our gardens, a rooting formula, a growth enhancer, and a flowering inducing supplement. We are going to do it for next to no money investment and from the most common weed in our yards. Since this is free to the savvy organic...
  13. R

    Things To Know About Utah's Marijuana Extract Proposal

    One of two proposals this year to expand Utah's medical marijuana law sets up tight controls around a cannabis extract some conservative legislators may see as a safer option than a broader medical pot program. Utah already allows the extract, called cannabidiol, to be used by those with...
  14. G

    Need help with a unique extract

    Hello again 420 Mag community. First off I want to apologize if this information is readily available because I have searched high and low for it (pun intended) and had no luck. It seems that shatter made from old school hash takes on a taste that I am not too fond of. The quality is totally...
  15. C

    Help With CBD Extracts

    I want to try and make a glycerin extract of CBD for myself as most CBD products out there are too overpriced and some are garbage. I was wondering if anybody has experience with this as I have some questions. I use a Storz and Bickel Plenty vaporizer not a Volcano (mine does not use collection...
  16. S

    What have I extracted?

    I have been saving my left over buds after vaping for the last couple of months. I recently put them all in 95% ethanol for a week and then filtered it using a Büchner funnel. I evaporated the ethanol and was left with a viscous black/brown oil. Any ideas what it is? We vaped it on 4/20 but...
  17. D

    Very fast and easy vegetable glycerin THC extraction

    I was reading various extraction methodologies the other day and kept going deeper and deeper within the science. The spectrum of possibilities is endless. I chose 3 methods to investigate, Liquid Nitrogen extraction, Alcohol extraction, and Vegetable glycerin. The liquid nitrogen process...
  18. R

    If I were to extract the THC from Weed would it become stronger?

    I am having an arguement with my friend about THC extraction. He recently Smoked some THC crystals about 2grams of it, he says once it is extraced from the plant it becomes stronger. How ever I think It is just as strong as it was in the bud your just not getting all the other stuff in weed...
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