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  1. hazeluv69

    Carbon filter slows down extractor immensely?

    Hi all, straight to it; my carbon filter which I have been using for well over a year now slows down my extractor fan quiet a bit, I first thought it was the fan so I bought a new one. My temperature with the carbon filter attached (lights on) would now be anywhere from 30-35 degrees Celsius ...
  2. TheGrowerOfDank

    Ventilation help!

    First timer here! I need help with a couple things for my ventilation system. The tent I’m getting needs an extractor fan that’s 130cfm or about 220 m3/h, whilst im in the vegetative stage will I need to have my extractor and intake fan on a lower cfm?
  3. H

    First DWC Grow - Peyote Cookies From Barneys Farm

    Hi there boys, this is my first message here on this forums, as well as my first DWC grow, i need some suport from the veterans here :P so i will detail all the things i got so you boys can help me a little bit with some tips and tricks. At the moment this is what i have: 1 80x80x160cm Tent 1...
  4. G

    First timer!

    Hi all was wondering if anyone can help me?iv just started growin 1 plant at the start of Feb with 1 125w CFL.in the meantime iv went and bought a ballast 400w m/h bulb and an extractor fan.i put the new bulb in my small tent(60cmx60cmx1800) with the extractor fan and left my plant in there for...
  5. D

    4 inch to 1 inch hose pipe exaust

    Just wondering, where I live is susceptible to mould, living in a well-insulated bungo pad, living in the middle of a small manicured shit green grass mote surrounded as a local authority spy hole on the tuft it's also a mould magnet. Without wanting to upset the heavy's. I'm trying to grow a...
  6. clusterz

    Planning a small growing area - I'm open to suggestions and corrections

    Hi! I'm trying to set up an indoor growing area for the spring. My constraints are : it is a small space that is very close to a living space. Ideally, it should be as silent as possible. There will be two areas: 1. a small cupboard with T55 fluorescent lights which is the cloning and...
  7. makevelli420

    New Oil extractor brand?

    HighByNight (Honey2Money) - easy oil extractor Has anyone hear of this brand of honey oil extractors? I bought it about a week ago at my local head shop and used it twice already, it does work good on a larger quantity scale than the honey bee. It fits about 28 grams or so. It sells for...
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