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  1. S

    1st grow - Want experienced eyes to have a look

    Hey guys, I am 2.5 weeks into flowering on my first grow. Everything seems to be going well but I just wanted a more experienced pair of eyes have a look for me. I have the two green goddesses on 12 12 and they are strong little buggers! Any comments are much appreciated. Spunkmeyer.
  2. LEDBud

    Jock Horror Automatic

    Strain - Jock Horror Automatic From - unknown Seedbank When - 4/20 Type - Sativa, Indica Ruderellis Appearance - Bushy Smell - licorice , goodies (candy) Taste - Smooth as silk Type of Buzz - Super clear , thought provoking Length of Buzz - 4 hours easy Best Medicinal Use - Insomnia, appetite...
  3. rillos

    Tricome pic - Can't really focus my eyes

  4. R

    QUESTION? About ... eyes

    Does pot consumption cause red eyes? Does it vary from person to person? Is coughing the main factor in getting red eyes? What if I vaporized, w/out coughing, would that give me less chances at getting red eyes?
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