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  1. 231Grower303

    Michigan Grower: Follow My Journey!

    Hey, fellow growers! New to this site but over the last 8 years have been a grower as a caregiver, personal use, and as a commercial head grower in CO. Haven't had my own personal grow in a while, and wanted to share it with the 420 community. Currently running just a small grow, and will be...
  2. E107E872-8D51-4794-8EB4-16B3B44BECB7.jpeg


    Few others white widow x atf looking really sharp @[301117:@TheMadDabber] White cookies x atf growing bit more thank god here comes the flip females ? Dutch delight in there amongst others
  3. 29041575-3A89-4994-A969-1655034BFF68.jpeg


    Pulled trigger and up potted my cherry bomb tonight into 3 gal Will give her few weeks to build more roots then try to squeeze in flower tent .
  4. A4C99318-6571-44CD-89E4-586CA87F67C8.jpeg


    3 white widow x Alaskan thunder fuck seeds @themaddaber what is the flower time on these seeds buddy . In a cup of distilled water . Instead of using tap water let’s see .
  5. 46F8C94F-53E4-47C7-BEED-3FCB05B374D1.jpeg


    Some new pots for my coco this winter

    The Blue Experience - Soil - LED - Vero 29

    Hello everyone, This is going to be my first grow journal so please be patient with me LOL. I started growing Cannabis 3 years ago. I am not an expert. Far from it actually. I have experimented with almost every grow style, from soil to DWC, to coco. Over the years, I have gained my experience...
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    30-45-65 gallon pots
  8. IMG_9706.jpg


    30-45-65 gallon pots
  9. C

    Clones & Seeds In Coco Side By Side

    I have started my 2nd grow about 3 weeks ago. 9 Huckleberry clones were planted into 2 ltr fabric pots filled with coco on the 31st January. Addiontially 1 heavyweight, green ninja seed was planted a week later into again a 2ltr fab pot with coco. And then a few days later 2 x sour diesel by...
  10. MackMcMacMac

    Struggling with high humidity

    While my plant was in veg, humidity of 65-80% wasn't a big deal, but now that I've switched to 12/12, it concerns me. The room is generally around 55%, but the grow tent itself is currently registering 85%! Thinking my sensor was fubar, I put a second meter in the tent. Both meters register the...
  11. D

    Auto Duck - Indoor & Outdoor - Soil - UK - Freak Strain

    Strain = Auto Duck (DP) Sativa Dom Journal Started from germination Flowering = 12 weeks from seed to harvest Started indoor - Finish outdoor Soil = 50% peat moss based compost + 25% Perlite + 25% Vermiculite 8L Root Nurse fabric pot (May pot-up when putting outside. as its a 12 week auto...
  12. S

    Plastic Vs Fabric Pots With Auto NYC Diesel

    Alright so full disclaimer before we get cracking here, I have no prior knowledge of growing cannabis I suck at it but i'm havin fun so why not right? I'm just over halfway through my first its been an experience goodness :P . So i started my first grow with two plants, I nuked the first of them...
  13. DankestBuds42

    Aurora Indica - CFL - Soil - Grow

    Hey everyone! A big :welcome: to my second grow journal! Some quick background info for ya: My main tent became a little crowded, I'm wanting to harvest sooner than later but one of my clones is way behind the others, I have a bunch of spare CFL's, as well I found a super cheap desk lamp at...
  14. H

    Happydude420 - Merlot OG In Fabric Pots Running LEDs

    What strain is it? Merlot OG Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? flowering If in Flower stage... For how long? Day 38 of flowering Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? soil fox farm If soil... What size pot? 3 gallons lights? mars hydro x2...
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