1. Ron Strider

    CO: San Luis Valley Hemp Fabric Woven For National Project

    As a collaboration between Fibershed, Rezolana Institute and Adams State University’s Community Partnerships, hemp has been grown, decorticated, blended with wool, spun and woven into fabric that provides a San Luis Valley fabric sample in Fibershed’s national research project. By blending...
  2. I

    Abandoned Ibechillin's 2017 Organic Outdoor Blue Cheese 100 Gallon Fabric Pot

    Figured since the plant has started growing pretty rapidly I would start posting. This grow is in the Tacoma, Washington area and is my first outdoor attempt here. My concerns have been about mold and bud rot because of the frequency of rain in flowering stage. I found the seed in a $20 eighth...
  3. D

    Fabric Pots! Don't buy! Read my reason!

    Okay before people who use these get upset hear me out . I recently bought 10 tan VIVOSUN fabric tan pots and my plants have grown nicely. Here the issue .... the fabric pots shed those hairs and end up on all the buds . It pisses me off when I take a peek at my trichomes and I see are those...
  4. M

    Fabric pots and ppm runoff?

    Still very much a newbie here trying to learn. My runoff has been really high sitting around 1800.. i am courious if the fabric in pots hold salts in and screws with the ppm of the run off? thank you
  5. Goat Cheese

    Fabric Pots & Standing Water

    I have my dehumidifier outside my grow tent set to 50%, the relative humidity inside my tent is usually in the low 40 percentile. When I water my plants, I put the fabric pot down inside a boot tray, water and let sit for a minute or two before putting back in the tent. If I watered inside my...
  6. AKgramma

    Looking for fabric pots made in USA and delivers to Alaska

    I am having trouble finding a reasonable seller of fabric pots based in the USA, who will deliver to Alaska. I found one, but they wanted $50 to ship to Alaska! Any ideas? Do we have any 420 sponsors that meet my conditions? Do any growers here make and would be willing to sell them to me...
  7. TheFertilizer

    Fabric pot advantages & disadvantages?

    Okay so I need to buy at least 5 more 3 gallon containers, and I went and priced them locally and it's like highway robbery. Meanwhile, I found a good deal on the river, but then notice that it says it usually ships within 1-2 months! The containers in town are $3 a piece, so I'd only be...
  8. baxbax

    Question about smart pots?

    Hello, I have plan to sew fabric pots with geotextile fabric because they are cheap and total cost is less expensive then buying smart pots in big litres . i find a local company that make geotextile fabrics at different types in Thickness weight and etc . I think most important part about...
  9. S

    Smart Pots/Fabric Pots - Pros? Cons?

    Hi Guys, Wanted to share my experience using smart pots and see if people have had similar experiences. Mine are mostly negative. Cons. 1. Transplanting is a bitch. If you underestimate the size you need your in trouble. I tried to go from a 5 gal to 7 a few weeks before flowering...
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