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  1. E

    Hey need some help

    Hello everyone. This is 7 week for Flowering. Size of breeding space 40x40. 120 Lighting: 140w led Fan Clips 6 "Plus One Floor 11" A charcoal filter can be filtered Fertilizers: Hesi-startpack Land from Idro Shop An advanced factor of nutrients - bud X And I started adding this week to the...
  2. PTSDgrower

    Bud Factor X Terpinator & Madfarmer N.U.T.S. & Fulpower

    wondering if anyone has experience with these nutes. Bud factor x calls for about 7ml/gallon and terpinator calls for 10-30/gallon. Fulpower calls for 10-30ml/gallon at .012% humic acid and mad fad farmer n.u.t.s. call for 5-10 ml/gal. Thanks for you input.