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  1. R


    Hello....I'm Rob and I am looking to learn and make acquaintances that are of like mind I truly am trying to find information so that I can be successful the first time. I can't really afford to fail as I am using medicinally and the $ is too steep for me. Is this an appropriate place to learn?
  2. K

    California Marijuana Would Fail Oregon's Standards, Study Finds

    Experts have found that the majority of California's cannabis is not up to the same quality standards that Oregon growers adhere to. According to new data provided by Steep Hill Labs and New Frontier, an overwhelming majority of marijuana grown in California would fail to meet testing...
  3. Gandolf The Great

    Somehow another seed is sprouting in my pot? Can we save it?

    So I guess I must of accidently dropped a seed in the same soil of a plant i'm already growing. The soil is MG: Moisture Control. And other growing in my jiffy pellet. It's in my journal if you want to see. But the problem is it is coming up right next to the one already growing. And it looks...
  4. T

    It's Saturday, Gotta Pass A Drug Test On Monday

    Ok so I have researched and researched and read and read all about passing a drug test but I'm not 100% that my plan is going to work. I just found out that I had to take a drug test thursday and, yesterday (friday) i drank nothing but water. My piss is running clear and today I went out and...
  5. G

    2nd attempt the killer pinch

    well this is my first thread and its my second grow attempt and well i guess the third time is the charm :439: my first one was a failed attempt because of a stupid suprise weeklong vacation i came back and my plant was dead and brown and then the second time i tried well it all looked good...
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