1. F

    Toxin Rid Experience

    I know, call me Testclear's latest sucker, but I was truly hoping I would be posting about how satisfied I am with the Toxin Rid 10 day detox product. I read numerous testimonials and was in a pinch for time, so I took the bait.. I'm 6'2" 205lbs and in decent shape. I followed every word of...
  2. L

    Completed Lupey's Northern Lights & Candy Cane Autos

    11/03/16 I'm back. My last grow failed because of a failed lighting timer that went un-noticed too long So I ordered more northern lights auto and candy cane auto from CROP KING SEEDS. Service was top notch and delivery was very stealthy. My new cabinet is 24"x36"x42" high. It utilizes...
  3. WasabiBuddha

    LOL failed mouth swab

    Had an awesome 15.5 an hour job at a company, like the corporate office. ( I shouldn't refer to the awesome tech company that uses a logo of a fruit that is the opposite of an orange) Had to quit, to move to another department and take a 2 month leave....I figured I'd work at HomeDepot for...
  4. M

    Qcarbo32 is no good anymore

    I just wanted to give you all some solid advice that I hope will help in the future. My work place does random testing and I have been using Qcarbo as my go to detox for years and it never failed me. But recently I have noticed that other co-workers have been losing their jobs because they...
  5. B

    Synthetic Urine Failed my UA

    I recently took a pre employment UA drug test and used QF 5.7 canadian version. The doctor called me back and told me it came back as synthetic urine. I am going to get the results from him on Monday and will definitely report back. I'm in the state of Washington and had my sample sent to...
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