fake pee

  1. M

    Magnum Fetish Urine 2pz Bottle Only

    Just here to post my exp. With using fake pee........ Ok I live in the ft worth Texas area and am a very heavy user . average around 2-3 grams a day and 5-10 grams on weekdays. I use freely and every were i go...yes i am aware of the consequences , but ive been pulled over many times and a few...
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  3. A

    Proooobably screwed up a saliva test

    I had a hiring event for Amazon and came prepared with fake urine stuffed under my boob because that's typically how I get my employment but they switched it up on me this time with a saliva test. I smoked right before I left my house, and took the test about an hour and a half later but had too...
  4. J

    Lost additive

    I lost the additive for the spectrum urine. Is there any thing I can make at home or buy that I can use to replace the protein or vitamins that come in the vile?