1. Katelyn Baker

    Newport Marijuana Cigarettes - Are They Real Or A Hoax?

    With the legalization of cannabis spreading to several new states after the November elections, it seems like a matter of time before mass-produced marijuana cigarettes hit the market. One company, Cranfords, has already began selling the product throughout Colorado. Now is the hugely popular...
  2. C

    You've never seen a Dab this big unless you've seen this

    The man is ether made from asbestos or the video is fake.
  3. DeanB

    Marijuana Stuffed Carrots

    Here's a news article from the Gringo Gazette with the headline, "Points for Creativity" :thumb: It says: "Marijuana was found stuffed in more than a thousand fake carrots and fake coconuts. They were discovered while going over the border after someone dropped a dime on the operation...
  4. R

    Cannabidiol - CBD - sold to consumers on-line. Are these scams?

    I thought I came across and article which summarized cannabinoid content by the seller. I showed that most CBD purchased contained NO Cannabinoids at all. I cannot find the article. Has anyone seen this? If so please let me know. If you can post a copy of the article that would be great
  5. Supernova

    The right temperature?

    So here is the story, my husband had a surprise interview. Kind of late last night, they called him to come in early in morning the next day for the interview. It was shocking, so of course we know he is not clean (just weed). So we were told to go to the local shop to get the detox drink. He...
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